Friday, September 30, 2016

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Power rankings and power managers

Posted at 3:58 PM on March 20, 2008 by Michael Marchio

Sen. Linda Higgins - she of the #2 power ranking - posted a great observation in our comments a couple days ago that Sens. Kathy Sheran, Rick Olseen, Tony Lourey and Rep. Tom Anzelc, in their rookie session, were all in the MFL's top ten point-earners.

While Rep. Anzelc has, at least for now, dropped out of the top ten, these are some pretty remarkable numbers for freshman lawmakers, and their managers, not to mention their actual constituents, can be proud of their productivity thus far.

The final committee deadline is next week, so after that, we should see this parity end. At 5 points, committee hearings, while still a lot more valuable than a 1 point filing, take a lot to add up to actually passing something (20), or getting it through the other chamber (25).

Sen. Berglin's Health Care Exchange bill (141 points) and Rep. Winkler's I-35W Victims Relief bill (226 points!), are the home runs of the MFL - impressive, but rare - you're usually better off with a bunch of singles and doubles. And that's what we're going to really see start next week, with lawmakers spending a lot more time on the floor and in conference.

Some of our leaders - Rita's BSU Poliscientists, J's The But For Test, and Aaron's Ultraliberal Elite continue to dominate their leagues, but the Wobblers and Legislicious had very strong weeks, and Janet Reno's Dance Team (what a name!) is closing in on Good Bye Mady's.

There's no points for correcting the Commish, Aaron also gets props for pointing out a provision I missed in the "Castle Doctrine" bill that I highlighted last week. I doff my hat, sir.

Next week, we'll be doing at least one, possibly two floor-a-palooza's, and I'll be posting beforehand so you can watch to see how your team does in real time.