Monday, September 26, 2016

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Is Sen. Ann Rest the Adrian Peterson of MFL?

Posted at 3:34 PM on March 7, 2008 by Michael Marchio (2 Comments)

She just might be. Sen. Rest had seven bills scheduled to appear before the State and Local Government Operations and Oversight Committee this afternoon, racking up a quick 35 points. I suppose it doesn't hurt that the chair of that committee is - Sen. Ann Rest.

Of our 12 leagues, only four teams - the Outstaters, Junkymonkey, Good Bye Mady's and House Call have climbed to the top spot without having her. Her 575 points is a lot, but Sen. Linda Higgins had a strong week, coming in at 314, and Sen. Linda Scheid, with her cadre of bills on mortgage lending and foreclosures also jumped up significantly to 285.

Majorities being what they are, it shouldn't be too surprising that each lawmaker in the top ten of our power rankings is a DFLer, but no fear, the session isn't even half over yet, and just because the Republicans are outnumbered doesn't mean they'll stay outgunned.

As I wrote earlier, the Governor issued his plan for how to deal with the budget shortfall, and whipped out a sales-tax cut proposal while he was at it.

Is it just me or does T-Paw look like he delivered the punch line to a joke in that picture? I'll leave it to you folks to speculate what the joke could be about, or who it's on...

This weekend we'll find out whether some of the "Gang of Six" Republicans who voted to override the veto on the transportation bill earn their parties nomination for next November. Reps. Ernhardt, Abeler and Neil Peterson are all expecting to face some resistance.

Last year, when the veto override failed, a number of Republicans who initially voted to override, changed their votes after seeing that it wouldn't have enough to pass. Rep. Jim Abeler, one of the gang of six, said during the debate on the House floor for this year's bill that even if it didn't have the votes, he wouldn't ask to change it. Regardless of how you feel about the transportation bill, its hard not to respect wearing a scarlet letter, or in this case, a green dot, as an act of conscience.

A couple of technical changes to MFL I'd like to note. Your "Team Roster" page will now show your current lawmakers in bold, along with the lawmakers you've dropped in normal font.

Our blog software is also being improved, and I've received a few emails about not being able to post in the comments section. If you've tried to comment, and it hasn't worked, try again after this Saturday, and it should work. If you run into problems with commenting, let me know and we'll resolve them.

Comments (2)

Thanks for posting the notice about the blog upgrade, Michael.

Julia Schrenkler, Interactive Producer MPR | APM

Posted by Julia Schrenkler | March 10, 2008 9:18 AM

If Adrian Peterson is known as Purple Jesus, what should we call Sen. Rest? (other than Glen's only lifeline?)

Posted by M@ | March 10, 2008 10:23 AM