Monday, September 26, 2016

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71 Teams!

Posted at 1:51 PM on February 7, 2008 by Michael Marchio

Wow, we're now approaching double the participants we had last session. More teams means better competition, so don't wait. Get your teams assembled - draft day is just around the corner. There are a few legislative Bear Bryants and Tom Landrys in here, I can feel it.

I've had a couple questions about the draft process, and as I noted yesterday in the blog, you're able to pre-select as many or as few legislators as you want before draft day, and the computer will whittle it down to 6 if you pick more than that. Teams are able to pre-select the same lawmaker, but after the draft on Monday, there will be only one of each lawmaker in each league. As to which team gets the coveted lawmakers, the computer randomly decides that.

Again, you'll be able to sign up through the weekend and through the morning of draft day, Monday, Feb. 11th. Any questions, send them my way.