Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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It's not all veto-city in St. Paul

Posted at 5:11 PM on May 8, 2007 by Bob Collins

Sure, the governor got all the publicity today for vetoing yet another bill. But he also dished out plenty of MFL points by signing four bills. I bet you won't hear anything about them anywhere else but ye olde commish.

50 points at stake in the following bills:

HF966, this was a pretty "hot" measure earlier in the session. It prevents mandatory nursing overtime. Points to Reps. Howes; Davnie; Murphy, E.; Ruud; Fritz; Peterson, S.; Moe; Slocum; Abeler; Tillberry. There were no OC (other chamber) points for this bill since the Senate passed its own bill and the House file ended up coming out of conference committee.

HF854 sets up the e-waste system in the state. Points to Reps. Sailer; Ozment; Gardner; Eken; Wagenius; Ruud; Gunther; Koenen; Knuth; Nelson; Dill; Scalze; Howes; Hilty; Hortman; Poppe; Juhnke; Kalin; McNamara; Bly; Morgan; Hansen; Tingelstad; Simon; Moe; Brynaert; Abeler; Loeffler; Erhardt; Brown. I was thinking about this bill Saturday as I sat in a long line of cars, each with piles of computer monitors and other electronic equipment at a City of Woodbury collection drive. I understand they filled out several semi-trucks.

SF358 provides for a requirement to share adoption information to genetic siblings. Sens. Olson, M.; Rest; Olseen; Ingebrigtsen; Berglin pick up the points.

SF555 is "essential community provider designation extended." It's a solo-shot for Sen. Linda Berglin. There is one scoring change here. The bill had mistakenly been awarded TF (to floor) points twice.

The governor also signed the omnibus environment and natural resources finance bill, which has 0 point value in the MFL.

The House passed a bunch of bills today but the House journal hasn't come out yet so I haven't updated any of the MFL pages or standings.