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Bill signings pick up the pace

Posted at 6:30 PM on May 14, 2007 by Bob Collins

You'd think that after 5 months of doing this, I'd know to wait to do the daily publication of standings and pages (it takes about 45 minutes), until after 6 p.m. That's when the governor's office releases the list of bills he's signed or vetoed.

I didn't today, and, of course, he did. Nine bills were signed, changing the nature of things just a bit, and these aren't reflected in the standings as published (Sorry, I want to go home so I'm not going to redo everything).

I wrote earlier today about how Bemidji had pulled to within 16 points of Sine Die in the Gold League. But one of the bills was a Sen. Linda Higgins bill (I think it was the predatory lending bill, but don't quote me) and that was good for 50 big ones.

It seems to me, however, that Minnetonka has moved to within striking distance. Down by about 1,000 in recent weeks, the Redress are within 600 points. That's not a lot at this time of the year, but Minnetonka may run out of time. A lot of legislation is still sitting out there with Sen. Rest's name on it. But does Minnetonka have the horses? Some of their big hitters faded in the stretch. Rep. David Bly got a lot of points for putting his names on bills, but he's faded badly in the last month with only 3 of his bills getting to the floor.

Trivia time: Of Al Juhnke, Ann Rest, and Linda Scheid, who has the most numbers of bills with a governor's signature on them? Answer: Scheid.