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Waivers and the week ahead

Posted at 5:40 PM on April 13, 2007 by Bob Collins (3 Comments)

The managers who bothered to submit waiver claims, and took my advice to pick up senators, are going to be pretty happy they did. Mostly. Sen. Larry Pogemiller announced today that most of next week in the Senate is going to be taken up by going through the general orders.

General orders are bills that have gone through the committees, are still alive, and need some Senate floor action. There are 121 bills sitting there which means there are going to be a ton of points going to senators next week. Not all of them will be approved, of course, but many also have potential TF (to floor) points as well as FP (floor passage) votes.

The House, meanwhile, has deadlines to get the omnibus bills taken care of. That will pretty much tie them up, which is fine for the state of Minnesota, perhaps, but won't get them many points in the MFL since omnibus bills don't score points.

Anyone who breezed through the Senate's general orders today and noted whose names are on most of them (yes, they were free agents) are going to do very well.

In the Gold League, that would be Milvets and Marble Madness, the only two teams who came away from this week's waiver draft with "players." Marble grabbed Sen. James Metzen and Sen. Patricia Torres Ray. Milvets took Sen. Sharon Erickson Ropes.

In the Maroon League, Rep. Bernie Lieder goes to Drum and Fife Statesmen, who drop Sen. Amy Koch. The D&Fs have been trying to win with more than two Republicans for most of the season. It hasn't worked.

Trail Blazer picked up Sen. Patricia Torres Ray (dropping Rep. John Lesch). Everybody's got their price. Trail Blazer manager Brian Hanf cut his grade school chum -- Lesch -- in the quest for points. AFSCME Got Votes tries to mine a few votes with Sen. Julianne Ortman while cutting Rep. Steve Smith.

The move denied Outstaters, who also tried to grab Ortman. So Michele Fischbach, who was designated for assignment by Outstaters, stays on the squad.

Downtowners give up on Rep. John Berns in favor of Sen. David Hann. "Just following your advice," said manager Trevor Gould.

Dick Day returns to the field with AFSCME Got Votes. Rep. Carol McFarlane is cut.

Not sure how much help Republican senators are going to provide, but the chances are they'll put up more points than Republican representatives over the next week.

Comments (3)

Bob - Thanks for processing my two Republican changes. Did you also get the DFL change I submitted? I believe I put in a drop of Rep. Kalin in favor of Sen. Chaudhary (Sens. Sieben & Torres Ray were my backup alternatives). Will you check the transaction submission. I'll check the site this weekend to see if you were able to add it. Thanks!

Posted by Wes Volkenant | April 13, 2007 6:45 PM

Bob - I tried this last night, but my comment didn't appear.

Will you check back over my transaction requests.

I thought I had also requested one DFL change - I was dropping Rep. Kalin for Sen. Chaudhary (with Sens. Sieben and Torres Ray as my alternative picks).

If you do find that I made that request, I'd appreciate having my roster updated for the coming week.


Posted by Wes Volkenant | April 14, 2007 11:03 PM

My mistake, Chaudhary has been added to AGV, and Kalin has been dropped.

Posted by Bob Collins | April 16, 2007 3:16 PM