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The tip sheet

Posted at 3:18 PM on April 12, 2007 by Bob Collins

Every now and again I fantasize about the MFL developing into a cottage industry. You know, like other fantasy sports. Publications would spring up to give people hot tips and strategies. Google would try to cram in on the action by setting up some cockamamie application to make all the right moves. Fights would break out in bars over whether Jim Metzen can still "bring it" from the chair.

OK, maybe I don't really fantasize about it, but it's a better dream than the one where I (a) get fired or (b) forgot my locker combination in high school.

Anyway, looking at the scoring for the last few days, here's what I think the tipsters would be saying in this week's issue: After Easter recess, dump your reps....ALL of your reps...and pick up as many senators as you can.

I'm not sure why that is, but the Senate is eating the House's lunch this week, probably because the House is still wrestling with omnibus bills in committee, whereas the Senate had deadlines for getting the omnibus finance bills off the floor. So the Senate is turning its attention to other bills and getting a bunch of points. The omnibus bills get no points in the MFL, so it looks like the House isn't doing much. Well, that and the fact there are very few committee hearings taking place in the House.

So who are these great pick-ups sitting out there? For one. Sen. James Metzen, showing he can still "bring it," is a free agent int he Gold League. Just today alone, he's got 5 CPs (50 points), thanks in part to the fact he's chair of the Senate Business, Industry, and Jobs Committee where there just happen to be a bunch of bills from, wait for it, Sen. James Metzen.

In the Maroon League, Sen. Rick Olseen is sitting out there...unowned, and apparently unloved.

Sen. Mary Olson and Sen. Patricia Torres Ray are free agents in both leagues. Re: Torres Ray, a few weeks ago, when the Royal Flush were unowned, I drafted Torres Ray onto their team. The new manager(s) dumped her the first chance they got.

She put up a quick -- and I mean quick -- 639 points, and then got cut.

She did that in about two weeks. Think about that. She put up more points in two weeks, than almost 50 lawmakers have put up in the entire session.

No charge for these, by the way. Yet.