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Working weekends

Posted at 10:16 AM on March 20, 2007 by Bob Collins (4 Comments)

When I came up with the MFL rules, I didn't anticipate that House DFL leaders would have the members working on a Saturday in March. I should have because this week they are. Why? I'm not entirely sure. House Republican leader Marty Seifert says they're going to "push through a bunch of tax increases" so maybe the cynical will suggest they want to do it when nobody's looking. I'm not sure that flies because the biggest circulation day for our local newspapers is Sunday morning, and besides, there aren't that many tax bills ready to come to the floor.

It's all probably no big deal -- other than me having to work on a Saturday -- for the league except that we have a waiver draft scheduled on Saturday (which I usually do Friday night if my workload is light or I feel like staying late), and the rules say the points start accumulating the following Monday.


If they're working Saturday, they'll be accumulating points, but I'm not sure for what teams. I could literally be drafting players onto their new teams while they're still "playing."

Tell you what, let's firm up a Friday night (after the House/Senate go home for the day) free agent draft.

Of course, this doesn't apply to you Gold Leaguers. Most of you don't seem interested in the FA draft. (hint).

Comments (4)

Reasons for a Saturday session? Rep. Seifert would like the public to believe that the Dems are secretly attempting to raise taxes under the cover of darkness, but it's pretty tough to believe that when the Dems have held public press conferences literally minutes after every tax proposal. If one listens to Rep. Pelowski and Sen. Ropes-Anderson it appears more likely that MFL managers have been haranguing their teams to push for more committee hearings to gain points and their players (legislators) are falling in line by working over the weekend.
The more likely scenario is that both the Senate and House have set March 23rd as their date to get bills through committee and ready for either floor votes or inclusion in an omnibus bill. For various reasons, both Houses are a bit behind schedule requiring Saturday as an extra work day.

Posted by mike simpkins | March 20, 2007 11:20 AM

Sat-ur-day Pal-oo-ZA! Sat-ur-day Pal-oo-ZA!

Posted by Doug Gray | March 20, 2007 11:34 AM

Bob - Saturdays - do they belong to the week before or the week ahead? That is the question, right?

You've been consistent about having us make Free Agent moves by 5PM on Friday from the start.

I believe that makes Fridays the end of the week. So, whether the new week begins on Monday as normal, or starts earlier - on a Saturday - I would recommend counting Saturday points toward the post-Free Agent-changes environment.

Keep up the fantastic work on this exercise, the helpful suggestions, the occasional nudges, and the legislative insight. I've been finding it a very educational experience - all the while getting to play a fantasy "sport" in a new setting.

At IMDB last fall, I found a link to - a fantasy game tracking movies - either a strictly Box Office $$ approach, or a more fanciful version including Per Theatre Averages, Viewer feedback at IMDB, and some other categories. I'm on my second go-round trying a strictly Box Office approach - this time using movies released in Feb-March-April. Wish me luck with "Meet the Robinsons", "Blades of Glory" and "Are We Done Yet?" My opponent just zoomed $70 million ahead of me with "Wild Hogs" and "300." He still has the "Teenage Mutant Turtles" and "Hot Fuzz" to battle me with.

As a traditional fantasy sports fan, I've had a great time with these two unique fantasy exercises. This one was well-laid out for its first time, and I'd love to participate again. Let the players know if there's any specific feedback you need from us before trying it again with some tweaking.


Posted by Wes Volkenant | March 20, 2007 12:56 PM

I think the Sunday paper is put together on Friday, so maybe Saturday is a good day to release news that is better lost than published.

Posted by Nancy Gertner | March 20, 2007 11:54 PM