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Waiver draft

Posted at 8:48 PM on March 23, 2007 by Bob Collins (5 Comments)

Two transactions in each league this evening. The points will accumulate for their new teams starting with tomorrow's (Saturday's) activity.

In the Gold League, the Confidential Sources plucked Jeremy Kalin off the free agent pool. Kalin didn't spend much time there. Minnetonka, just behind Bemidji and Sine Die in the standings, is looking for that miracle -- a Republican who accumulates points. They're casting their lot with Rep. Larry Howes, who actually had a pretty good week up at the Capitol. Gone off the squad is Rep. Dan Severson.

In the Maroon League, The Royal Flush have made the obvious choice and picked Rep. Willie Dominguez up. Dominguez, incidentally, was atop both league's free agent pools, which demands the question of other Gold League teams: what are you thinking? Anyway, the Flush dropped Sen. Terri Bonoff. Meanwhile, the Downtowners have added Rep. John Berns, the top Republican in the free agent draft. Sen. Joe Gimse (GOP) has been tossed back in the water.

All transactions (and, by the way, it looks like I didn't upload the updated transactions pages in the Gold League the last few weeks. Sorry.) are on each individual league page. I accidentally listed Bonoff as a Rep. and Berns as a DFLer on those pages. Fixed offline but haven't uploaded the corrected versions and I may wait until next week to do so.

Comments (5)

Although it's nice to see the Beavers holding the top spot once really doesn't mean much at this point. This thing will go down to the wire with the lead changing almost daily. The House has been so busy getting bills through committees that there is a huge backup of individual bills that haven't hit the floor yet for a vote. And that's where the real fun and games begin. BTW, regarding the notion of an award to be given to the last place legislator. The Iditarod has done it for years; the "Red Lantern Award" for the dog sled team that finishes last. It's based on the premise that the last place team endures as much, or often more, hardships than the first place team. Having spent the last couple of days down at the Capitol, it appeared to me that most of the 201 legislators are showing a lot of wear and tear for what is sometimes referred to as a "part-time job". I really wish voters realized how hard most of these folks work.

Posted by mike simpkins | March 23, 2007 9:33 PM

Every now and again, I need a little bit of inspiration. I usually take a walk to the Capitol. At night. I get there, I'm not alone. A bunch of legislators are there. They're giving up birthdays, and t-ball games, sometimes anniversaries. And for what?

One of the things I enjoyed doing back when I was writing Polinaut, is using it as a mirror on ourselves. One of the things I wanted to do with the MFL, is get DFLers to pay attention -- really pay attention -- to what Republicans are doing saying. I wanted Republicans, to pay attention to what DFLers are saying and doing. And really think about it.

We are conditioned, unfortunately, during political campaigns -- which now never end -- into thinking of the entire picture as good vs. evil. And we are disserved and do a dissevice by allowing that.

Politics once was about finding common ground. And yet, these days, that's considered a sign of weakness. Too bad.

Posted by Bob Collins | March 23, 2007 10:38 PM


I'm safely in 3rd, and wanted desperately to make pick that could propel me up a thousand points... but my DFL bench is producing well, and any transaction made there would probably be for worse. I'm picking up Rep. Howes because he looks like he's having better luck with the committee points... but I doubt it will make much of a difference.

I wonder if Abeler will be able to keep up his production? Seems like the only thing that the Sadist have going for him are the Republicans on their roster. Can they keep them up?

Beavers appear untouchable. Seems to me the key pickup was Lillie in week 3, when I went after Walker.

Posted by gml4 | March 23, 2007 10:47 PM

While I agree that the Republicans have been carrying my water, I think as the session winds down, there are a few points left to be squeezed from the Sadist democrats. I'm taking a page from the George Bush strategy. Even when things are going wrong, never, ever make a move that could make things better. Change is to be feared.

Posted by Nate | March 25, 2007 5:13 PM

Love the sense of humor Nate!

Posted by Brian Hanf | March 26, 2007 8:48 AM