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Today's bills

Posted at 12:38 PM on March 14, 2007 by Bob Collins

Dozens of bills filed in both chambers today. A few that moved the Commissioner--O-Meter

HF2134 from Rep. Steve Simon, changes the statute of limitations for civil actions involving sexual abuse. Under the proposal, it has to be commenced within 6 years of the time the victim reaches the age of majority or within 6 years of when the victim realizes the connection between the abuse and the damage it caused. I have no idea what the present law is on this.

HF2087, From Reps. Gottwalt, Eastlund and S. Anderson, requires school districts to "fully inform parents of their ability to refuse an eearly childhood development screening." I'm guess this is coming from the EdWatch folks.

HF2107 sets Broadband goals and profides for a broadband policy director and advisory board. By 2015 it calls for brodband speed of 1 BILLION bps. Can y'all do something about the whole $60 a month thing?

SF1796 from Sen. Prettner Solon calls for a study of a cervical cancer vaccine. This would be the official "throwing in the towel" on the effort to mandate the vaccine in this legislative session. It started out OK, and then co-authors started jumping off the bill over concerns about Merck's involvement in pushing similar legislation nationwide.

SF1809 is the Senate companion to a bill Rep. Kahn filed earlier this week in the House giving permanent non citizens the right to vote in local elections. Some might call this the DFL Full Voting Act. It's got no chance, for obvious reasons. Sen. Sandy Pappas filed this one.

There's more fee increases in the offing if a couple of Republicans have their way in the Senate. SF1825. It pertains to boxing, though, which lets me out although my latest Truth in Taxation statement has me thinking about taking up the sport before I visit the assessor's office. Sens. Day and Rosen filed.

On the other side of the coin, Reps. Limmer and Ortman have filed a bill repealing the alternative minimum tax. SF1836.

SF1851 from Sens. Ortman and Doll requires seat and shoulder belts on all school buses.