Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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The bill-o-meter

Posted at 10:42 AM on March 28, 2007 by Bob Collins

Bob's bill-o-meter is moving into the red today with a couple of interesting bills worthy of discussion. Whether they'll get it -- or not -- is tough to say. They've been filed by Republicans.

SF2177 -- From Sen. Michael Jungbauer establishes a casino in Eagan with a theme park, casino,c onvention facility, hotels and an extension of the Hiawatha Light Rail line...with money going to the financing of sports stadia for the Gophers, Vikings, Twins. Hmmm... I haven't shopped in Hennepin County for anything since something happened there a year ago to pay for a Twins stadium. So why this plan?

SF2172 -- From Sens. Hann and G. Olsonwould authorize the creation of five charter schools focusedon medical technology. Boy, if there's one issue that's flying under the radar this session, it's the future of charter schools in the state. You may recall various plans up there call for a cap on charter schools, which is irking the Republicans no end. "Why cap something that's working?" one Republican lawmaker asked this week. He didn't really get an answer other than some tapdance about using the time to study whether charter schools really work.

SF2182 from Sens. Vickerman, Rosen, Bakk, and M. Olson increases the gas tax. This could also be known as the "I voted against the Senate omnibus transportation bill," since it increases the gas tax by only a nickel. E85's tax would go up 3.5 cents and M85 -- whatever that is -- wold go up 2.9 cents.

This bill is worth keeping an eye on since the Senate 'somnibus transportation bill is pure fantasy from a political reality point of view.