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Is this any way to treat a Speaker?

Posted at 7:42 PM on March 16, 2007 by Bob Collins (6 Comments)

kelliher_sm.jpg I'm not altogether sure Speaker of the House Margaret Kelliher -- or Margaret Anderson Kelliher -- had a very good day Friday. The DFL leaders announced their budget, and while I'm sure they would have preferred reporters focused on the words "property tax relief," they got a big blast of "Taxes! Taxes! Taxes!" from the dastardly media.

Now, to be fair, the taxes apply to couples whose income is $400,000 after deductions. So when I heard the anchor guy on KARE -- I can't remember his name, only that he has a lot of big teeth and played for the Twins -- promote the upcoming story with, "how do you feel about some more taxes?", well, it told me right away that they pay the anchors pretty well over there at KARE.

But that's not why Kelliher had a bad day. She had a bad day because this morning she awoke to the shocking news that in the Gold League, she'd been traded from the Good Guys to the second place Bemidji Beavers. No doubt she had to put her serious game face on to have her news conference, and she did a find job of hiding her glee at moving up in the standings.

But then, the Beavers turned around this evening at cut the Speaker; cast off to the side of the road in favor of Rep. Steve Simon, who the Beavers cut earlier in the year. Manager Mike Simpkins promises an explanation which, presumably, will be posted in the comments section.

Anyway, the transactions and pages for the week are all updated. I've gotta say, the Maroon League right now has it all over the Gold League when it comes to sifting through the free agents and looking for deals. Most of the Goldies left some mighty fine lawmakers in the pool

Comments (6)

Oh boy.....where to start? First of all, I heard through the grapevine that the MFL legislators were unionizing and demanding supplemental pay for every bill they sign on to. Thank God I don't have Abeler! On the other hand I'm stuck with Moe...and he knows where I live. Now we're talkin' salary cap problems.
So I decide to dump Rep. Karen Clark, who is rising like a Phoenix in the MFL point standings and will certainly demand a commensurate salary increase...but lives 250 miles away from me. I trade her for Speaker Kelliher as it was obvious to me that with her multi-zillion dollar income tax increase proposal, like all politicians, will skim a bit off the top and be financially secure in her part time job as a legislator. Then I actually READ and LISTENED to her tax proposals and realized that ALL the increased income tax revenues were going towards property tax relief. No skimming available, plus she's working overtime keeping all those freshman Dems in line...salary demands on the horizon. Thus Kelliher waived, and wealthy suburban attorney Rep. Simon is picked up by the Beavers. As an added bonus, Rep. Simon is a friend of Moe's and with Rep. Moe's propensity to take on Monsanto and collegiate textbook publishers, Mr. Moe will need a good attorney at some point.

Posted by Mike Simpkins | March 16, 2007 11:27 PM

You Go Girl! We farm girls that grew up in 4-H Leadership Camp appreciate a strong woman that can stand up according to her principles and hold her ground and tell it like it is.

Well, time to form up at the parade ground. We Milvets are not all happy about the kindergardeners getting all the legislative spoils.

Is there a strike looming? Are Minnesotans ready to pitch their own sandbags, plug their own dikes, and fight their own wars? Or will it be a showdown on the playground, of the wee ones vs. the green ones?

Stay tuned.

Posted by Nancy G | March 17, 2007 12:11 PM

I notice in the team standings that the Beavers have had 500 points deducted from their team total. Is it an administrative error or has Rep. Kelliher ruled the points not germane?

Posted by mike simpkins | March 17, 2007 1:09 PM

My fault. I meant to make a new standings page before I left last night. I caught the mistake after creating it -- and before creating the rosters page. I inadvertently shorted Moe 100 hearings.

Posted by Bob Collins | March 17, 2007 1:14 PM

Nancy: It was along time ago, but when I was in 4H, we sold 4H cookies. Do they have 4H cookie sales anymore?

Regarding sacrifices are willing to make, by the way... Minnesotans aren't even interested in slowing down to 55. Sacrifice? We don't know the meaning of the word.

The Greatest Generation could teach us a few things.

Posted by Bob Collins | March 17, 2007 1:16 PM

Bob: I don't remember cookie sales when I was in 4-H; are you confusing 4-H with Girl Scouts?

Most counties have 4-H food stands at their county fairs, where cookies and pies and hamburgers and sloppy joes can usually be purchased.

It might take some bake sales to support Minnesota's veterans' programs. The 'Support the Troops' license plates revenue is about $25,000 montly, so that doesn't go too far.

It was the Protestant Church Ladies of Milwaukee that raised money for the Old Soldiers Home following the Civil War. Perhaps we could learn something from them too.

Posted by Nancy G | March 17, 2007 10:07 PM