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Going fishin'

Posted at 10:03 AM on March 29, 2007 by Bob Collins

You just kind of knew -- didn't you? -- that as soon as the Legislature opened the door with the same-sex benefits bills, the Republicans would oblige by walking through with some additional social issues legislation.

Today, two anti-abortion bills were filed in the House. HF2378, from Reps. Sviggum, Holberg, Olson, B. Anderson, Otrema and Buesgens, proposes an amendment to the Constitution by establishing that there is no constitutional right to an abortion.

HF2379, from the same lawmakers, prohibits the use of state funds for abortion services.

Why the social issues bills? Because the DFLers started it. Yep, that's the same DFLers who stood on the floor of the Senate a year ago chastising Republicans for focusing on same-sex marriage when there were -- as I recall -- "real issues to work on."

That argument is no longer valid should either of these bills get to the floor, which they won't. That's why I call these stick-in-the-eye bills, intended merely to allow the Republicans to make the point above... and to get them on the record for the '08 legislative campaigns.

The DFL, of course, won't take the bait.

Bulletin! -- It's Floor-Session-Palooza Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update - Points to Kelliher, N. Peterson, Lieder, Seifert, Huntley, M. Olson, Buesgens, Juhnke, Finstad, Howes, Sertich, Nornes, Davnie, S. Erickson, Emmer, Zellers, Westrom, Mullery, Knuth, Kohls, Urdahl, Morrow, Kahn, Solberg

Update 4:31p - I'll have to go back later and look at the tape but the Senate passed the omnibus health care bill today and so far I've allocated Palooza Points to Sens. Latz, Pogemiller, Metzen, Senjem, G. Olson, Wergin, Ingebrigtsen, Scheid, Jungbauer, Vickerman, Limmer, Berglin, Koering, Lourey, Erickson Ropes, Solon, Hann, Dille, Bonoff, Neuville, Robling, Fischbach, Rosen, Murphy, and Moua (who by the way really let the Republicans have it over their amendment to restrict health care funding for children of illegal immigrants).