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Posted at 11:14 AM on March 19, 2007 by Bob Collins (1 Comments)

We have our first conference committee of the session. The Senate just rejected changes to SF60, the bill that attempts to plug some problems in Duluth's pension funds, made by the House and sent it off to conference.

Since it passed the House as a Senate file, Sens. Prettner Solon; Bakk; Rest; Betzold; Senjem are getting the points for this baby. It racked up BF (1) several BH (5) and CP (10) points, a TF and FP bounty in the Senate (35), OC points for House passage(25) and now a likely 30 for the conference committee before it goes to the governor. That's a minimum of 96 points for a single bill.

Rep. Debra Hilstrom (9) and Rep. Al Juhnke (8) led all House members in BF (bills filed) points this morning. Among the bills filed (you're gonna love this one) HF2188 would require you to take a road test every third renewal. Hey, if I have to take on every two years to fly an airplane (well, not a road test per se!).... Rep.s Brynaert, Erhardt, Johnson, Gunther, Brown, Lieder, and Hausman have that one.

Thirty-five (there's that number again) reps -- mostly Republicans -- filed HF2196, to designate I-94 as Purple Heart Trail. That's been sent to the Committee on Agriculture, Rural Economies and Veterans Affairs, which reminds me: Why is Veterans Affairs jammed into a committee on ag issues?

Should state taxpayers pay for an indoor ice arena in Badger? HF2211 will decide.

HF2219 is the phase in of motor vehicle sales tax revenues for transportation. Hey, remember when we thought that would help fix our transportation problems. That was before the metro-area sales tax was unveiled.

HF2189 from Rep. Paymar would ban new billboards in the state.

HF2212 appropriates money for the restoration of the Capitol. If you missed Tom Crann's video tour, check it out now.

Comments (1)

At least we're making progress with Committees this year, since Gaming was removed from the committe for Agriculture and Veterans.

HF 2197 is the bill that designates Interstate 94 as Purple Heart Trail. I don't see any funding attached, though the commissioner would spend some money to erect all those signs to inform travelers on whose trail they are traveling.

Here's whom to thank for this great benefit to military and veterans:

House Authors: Zellers; Simpson; Finstad; Emmer; Anderson, S.; Berns; Severson; DeLaForest; Lanning; Nornes; Brod; Hackbarth; Gunther; McNamara; Dettmer; Seifert; Peppin; Dean; Marquart; Erhardt; Hosch; Haws; Nelson; Hilstrom; Otremba; Lillie; Simon; Bigham; Atkins; Lesch; Juhnke; Solberg; Eastlund; Gottwalt; Wardlow.

Posted by Nancy G | March 19, 2007 4:38 PM