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Waiver deadline today

Posted at 2:39 AM on February 2, 2007 by Bob Collins (3 Comments)

This being Friday and all, 5 p.m. today is the deadline for submitting any claims for free agent lawmakers. As always, please make sure your claim will not result in your team having fewer than the minimum two Republicans (or two DFLers for that matter).

One important note: There will be no free agent draft next Saturday (2/10) as I will be back East for a week. I'll update the Fantasy Legislature at least once a day (I hope), but spending Saturday vacation time on a waiver draft, well, everyone has their limits.

There were some fine claims last week. In the Gold League, Rep. Sheldon Johnson delivered 125 points to Michael Brodkorb's State of the Union, which has pulled up to the middle of the pack from dead last place. Not bad. But Rep. Erin Murphy chipped in another 120 points. Both were picked up from last week's free agent pool and gave us a glimpse that big scorers in the free agent pool have plenty of points to deliver for their new squads.

In the Maroon League, Rep. Tom Huntley has contributed almost 100 points since he was plucked out of the waiver pool by House Call last week.

The Commish likes Sen. Tom Saxhaug in the Gold League to get picked. He filed a ton of bills earlier this week. His 40 bills -- so far -- puts him tied for 8th among all lawmakers this year. Folks, those are MFL points just waiting to happen. For pure potential, consider Rep. Larry Haws in the Maroon League. Relatively few points but 36 bills filed so far.

Not that I have any great insight here, but I might suggest trying for legislators who have a high number of bills filed, but relatively few points overall.

Comments (3)

Great minds think alike. One statistic I'd like to see next season would be something like points per bill filed, dividing a legislator's total points by the number of bills filed. Someone who dropped below historical levels on that measure might make a good draft/trade.

Posted by Doug Gray | February 2, 2007 10:51 AM

I actually have this on the spreadsheet and was going to set up a "league leaders" page.

I was going to treat it like batting average and slugging average.

The problem is that many names are added to a bill AFTER it is filed.

Rep. Abeler would be the most prolific "name adder after a bill is filed."

He doesn't get a lot of points for filing a bill, but he would get a lot of points for hearings. So his "batting average" would be higher and not a real indicator of anything.

Haven't figured out how to get around that.

Posted by Bob Collins | February 2, 2007 11:36 AM

That's why Rep. Abeler was the first name on my draft list. Go Carriers!

Posted by Doug Gray | February 2, 2007 1:21 PM