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Time is everything

Posted at 1:21 PM on February 1, 2007 by Bob Collins (2 Comments)

Sen. Larry Pogemiller told his Senate colleagues today that he's shooting for an April 2nd deadline to have all the budget bills in this session off the floor. He suggested committees start meeting on Saturdays and holidays. "You're either going to do this now, or you're going to do this later," he said.

Bills filed: House bills 468-568 were filed this morning and their points are being tallied (well, actually, they've been tallied but I haven't produced Web pages showing the updates yet.)

Among the highlights:

HF478 - Provides for universal health care for all Minnesotans. Points to: Walker, Dominguez, Tschumper, Bly, Lenczewski, Davnie, Clark. Prognosis: The battle this year is going to be over free health care for kids and that's going to be a battle. Not likely this one is going to see much success. But who knows? Also filed today, HF479 does the same thing, but without requiring a constitutional amendment.

HF475 - Expands private health insurance cover of young adult dependents by including those not enrolled as full-time students. Points to: Loeffler, Hosch, E. Murphy, Thao, Abeler, Fritz, and Thissen. Prognosis: It's got some bipartisan support but I'd like to see the names that are added to this bill over the next few weeks (watch the House journal if you'd like to follow along). Both of my kids have dropped classes at their respective schools to the point that my days of taking them as dependents are over. Ouch. But I admit to worrying more about the fact they'll lose their coverage. So, color me with a horse in the race but not even interested in putting some money on the nag.

HF 494 -- Increases sales tax rate for national resources. Points to: Dill, Anzelc, and Solberg. Comment: Holy smokes, we could've run a decent Fantasy Legislature this year just tracking bills that increase the sales tax for natural resources.

HF498 - Extends Minnesota's self-defense law and defense of home law. Presumably this is as a result of the incident in which a bed-ridden guy shot the kid that broke into his home. Points to: Cornish, Smith, Hackbarth, Dean, Erickson, Kohls, Wardlow, and DeLaForest. Prognosis: You see any DFL names there?

HF504 - Prohibits Internet bullying and intimidation. Points to: Hilstrom, Paymar, Kranz, Bigham, and Smith. Comment: This has been amended to add Internet use as part of a school anti-bullying policy. Can't wait to hear more about how a school will now be able to police the off-school behavior that usually occurs inside the kid's home. I can tell you exactly how this debate is going to go and it'll involve the words "parental responsibility." If it gets a hearing, it could be one of my favorites.

HF522 - Prohibits glass containers on public beaches and boats. Points to: Welti. Prognosis: A man's boat is his (fill in noun here).

Comments (2)

Indefatigibles first with 200+ BF points! Go Carriers!

Posted by Doug Gray | February 1, 2007 3:19 PM

Talk about good drafting, that's with the original 6.

Posted by Bob Collins | February 1, 2007 3:24 PM