Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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And now the news...

Posted at 1:49 PM on February 23, 2007 by Bob Collins (3 Comments)

As I write this, I'm sitting on a panel in Boston on "Gaming the News" at the Integrated Media Association. I'm not sure what the audience thinks I'm doing right now, but I'm writing to you. That's what I've been doing mostly this week; listening to people talk while inputting data for MFL. The Capitol folks -- the legislators -- are really working hard -- filing bills, holding hearings, debating. There have been thousands of bills filed and, man, the data comes fast and it's a challenge to keep up with it. So much for the notion that lawmakers don't do anything until the last week of the session.

That's what I've learned so far through MFL -- just how much they already do. And that's the point of the MFL -- to use it learn more about what's happening up there. I consider it journalism; just different journalism. (Incidentally, a guy on my panel just finished his presentation. His company does some really great games. Check it out at

The other night I was sitting having dinner with my mother, inputting the results of the day's committee hearings, when another e-mail showed up: the reports of standing committees form the house, and the new bill filings in the Senate. More data to input. I understand there's a blizzard of some sort coming on Sunday. Great, I have an 8 a.m. flight back home. If I get "Jet Blued" at least I'll be able to catch up on Fantasy Legislature work.

Now, then... a couple of things:

(1) The weekly draft of free agents will be done tomorrow (maybe tonight). The deadline for submitting your choices is 5pm (your time - CT) today.

(2) As you know, I've been trying to identify franchises that aren't being actively managed to see if their managers would like to make them available to others. We've gotten a couple of new managers. But it looks like there are two more teams available: Royal Flush and Breezy Badgers. If you're interested in grabbing either one of these MFL franchises -- c'mon, you can turn 'em around -- drop me a line.

Comments (3)

Hey Bob. I thought we had one team available now, right?

Either way I'm waving to those reading this: take the chance. Be a manager. Swap 'em out or roll the dice with the existing line up, it is up to you.

Posted by Julia Schrenkler | February 24, 2007 10:02 PM

Question, how long must you be put off before you can say you have been "Jet Blued"? Is it a function of the total wait time or is it related to the put off (ie, "It will be only a couple of minutes" and it turns out to be an hour and a half or "It will be a half an hour" and it turns out to be six hours?)

Posted by Charles Sundin | February 26, 2007 11:17 AM

I think there is no "official" guideline for using "Jet Blue" as a verb. I think everyone who uses it sets that standard? Me? The point at which I want to slap someone is the point I've been Jet Blued.

Take yesterday. I got in on the first flight out of Boston. It left on time, landed on time, then sat 200 feet from the gate for a half hour while they found someone to guide us to the gate. Do I consider that "Jet Blued?" Yeah, probably... especially at the point where the flight attendant doesn't let you use your laptop (what? Let me guess, it's going to screw up the navigation system and make us crash?).

One thing that I would recommend is when there's these understandable problems, airlines either (1) Force the captain to make an announcement every 5 minutes about what's happening and/or (2) pipe the frequency between the cockpit and the dispatchers live through the speaker system...just so people know. I think that's a big problem.

10 hours on a plane 100 feet from the gate? That's just crazy nuts, and -- in my opinion -- anyone who was responsible for it should be barred from every working in the airline business again because they've proven they have no ability to think logically.

BTW, airline passengers act kind of stupid in these cases too.

Posted by Bob Collins | February 26, 2007 11:23 AM