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Abeler sets the pace ... again

Posted at 1:43 PM on February 5, 2007 by Bob Collins

Jim Abeler is a bill-filing machine. Abeler's name appeared on 21 of the 116 House bills filed today -- the most filings on a single day so far. Many of the bills have many names on them, so there's a piece of action for just about everybody, unless you own Rep. Mark Buesgens, Rep. Mark Olson , Rep. Mary Liz Holberg, Rep. Paul Kohls who were shut out today. Other big point-getters today were Rep. Neva Walker (17) and Rep. Paul Thissen (16).

Among the bills filed today:

HF520 - reinstates the after-school enrichment program. Thirty-five names are on that one.

HF594 - Modifies compettive bidding for medical assistance nonemergency medical transportation. What makes this interesting is that 25 names are attached to it and it's a fairly bipartisan bill. Assuming that signifies some broad support, this could adjust the Republicans on teams if managers think it has a good chance of becoming law.

HF600 - is the most interesting bill of the lot, imho. Twenty-five (DFL) names are on it. It would require that anyone running for an executive office, the Legislature judge get the majority of the votes. As you're no doubt aware, it's been years since anyone elected governor in Minnesota got the majority of the votes cast. An interesting bill, but unlikely to become law without an override.

HF630 -- Changes the vote age in state and local elections from 18 to 16. Reps. Kahn, Jaros and Mariani are on it. This is one of those bills that has become tradition for the Minneapolis DFLer to file. It likely will have the same fate.

HF638 - Has thirty-five names on it. It would reduce greenhouse emissions from motor vehicles by 2030.

HF655 -- Allows the medical use of marijuana. A few Republicans - including Rep. Sviggum - ae on this one.

HF674 -- Opposes "escalation of United States troops in Iraq." Rep.s Hornstein, Hilty, Huntley, Clark, Kahn, Wagenius, Dominguez, Greiling, Johnson, Hausman, Davnie, Loeffler, Walker, Jaros, Lesch. I wouldn't plan on this getting your folks' many points.