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Where's the love for Rep. Sheldon Johnson?

Posted at 5:35 PM on January 13, 2007 by Bob Collins (3 Comments)

For a guy who had a big week in the points department, Rep. Sheldon Johnson can't seem to get any love from Fantasy Legislature managers. Johnson, with 59 points -- just outside the top 10 in of Power Rankings, was ignored by both leagues today in the waiver draft of free agents.

Rep. Patti Fritz, however, was claimed by teams in both the Maroon and Gold leagues. Fritz, with 58 points, obtained 40 them in floor passage (FP) points for 2 of her 8 bills she's filed. Johnson also has had two bills pass, but has one more bill filed.

The picks in both leagues are available on the transactions page for both the Gold and Maroon leagues.

Some of the managers supplied strategies for their picks as follows:

Milvets: (Gold) Rep. Shimanski is on 2 committees for veterans and is performing at a higher level than Wardlow after 2 weeks of session. Madore's committee assignments do not include those dealing primarily with veteran or military issues. Rep. Fritz is vice chair of committee for Health and Human Services that handles veterans health issues, and is a potential co-sponsor of a bill I want to see passed this year. Her district includes Faribault National Guard Training Center. Winkler's committee assignments do not include those dealing primarily with veteran or military issues. Rep. Otremba chairs the committee that includes Veteran Affairs, and is a potential sponsor of a bill I want to see passed this year.

The New Deal: (Maroon) Larson up, Fischbach down. "Ahhhhhh - just trying to get into the game."

Chambercation: (Maroon). Al Doty up, Julie Bunn down. "A change of course," according to manager Douglas Werner.

AFSCME Got Votes (Maroon) Margaret Kelliher up, John Lesch down. "Frank Hornstein and Margaret Kelliher are both friends of labor. Frankly, both are scoring better than most on my current roster, and I need to earn points to gain standings positions. The Speaker should never be taken lightly in this type of game." (Hornstein was not available for the pick.)

Minnetonka: (Gold) Hilstrom up, Scheid down. "I am anticipating Committees hearings and passing bills next week. Sen. Scheid has her name on only 3 bills so far, none of which will be heard in committee next week. Rep. Hilstrom has her name on 11 bills, and 3 are to be heard in committee. I could be jumping the gun, and may regret this in the long term, but am confident this will yield short term gain," said George Linkert.

St. Pauliticos: (Gold) Eken up, Hilty down. "Word on the street is that Rep. Hilty is choosing a low-profile role for himself on bills this session. Thus, I'm hopping over to another committee chair for environmental issues," according to Jon Hunter.

By way of clarification, this is the waiver draft works each Saturday (or whenever). The draft is conducted in rounds with each team having the option of one pick per round. The order of drafting in each round is determined by the team's record as of Friday night. Teams with fewer points have priority in each round. The deadline for submitting a waiver claim is 5 p.m. each Friday.

Starting with this coming week, only waiver claims submitted on the waiver form will be processed. The link to the form can be found on the MFL front page, on the left side navigation. You can -- and probably should -- submit all your picks and drops on one form. If you need to add further directions, space will be available on the form.

Comments (3)

Good move by Minnetonka picking up Hillstrom for this week. I thought long and hard about picking up Hillstrom as well. She will probably get some bills through committees this week. Caveat for George...I'm sitting in 11th place. My endorsement of your strategy may be the kiss of death. As for my team, the Beavers, look for Rep. Moe and Sen. Higgins to author a slew of bills this week to move us into the top ten.

Posted by mike simpkins | January 14, 2007 10:08 AM

Hmm... I guess we're all learning here, and my strategy may be a poor move in the long term. I was very happy drafting Sen. Scheid, and not happy about dropping her. However, I'm starting to believe the DFL points might be flowing free for a lot of legislators, and trying to anticipate the points could be key.

You can read more about my brand new, "Flex Seat" strategy here.

St. Pauliticos dropping of Hilty for Eken is a good move overall... though Hilty may get committee points this week on HF66.

I am happy Milvet's are happy with their changes. Fritz makes sense, dropping the poor performers was good. the other pickups only help her opponents.

Posted by gml4 | January 15, 2007 12:51 AM

Not that I don't find any love for Sheldon, it's that my game strategy is not necessarily to pick the high scorers but to keep an issue focus on legislation to benefit military, families, survivors and veterans.

I realized my initial team was not competitive and decided to drop most of the freshmen and pick up team members for their committee assignments that showed they had passion and responsibilitiy for MILVET issues. After Week 1, I missed the opportunity to do trades while tending to spouse in the hospital, and regret losing the opportunity to pick up Sen. Vickerman and Rep. Wollschlager, who were snatched up by other teams.

The Week 2 trades should make my team more competitive, though my goal is not to win a fantasy game but to achieve some real legislation for real people of the North Star State that our governor credited in his State of the State speech with "providing an inspiring example of duty and honor."

Posted by Nancy Gertner | January 18, 2007 10:30 AM