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Wednesday January 17, 2006

Posted at 8:23 AM on January 17, 2007 by Bob Collins

From what I can tell, it looks like a rather quiet day at the Capitol, at least in terms of Fantasy Legislature. The governor, of course, has his State of the State address at noon, thus depriving lawmakers of some prime-time, point-making activity. You can hear the speech live, of course on Minnesota Public Radio and online too.

Among the possible points today, HF 15 is having a hearing in the Local Government and Metropolitan Affairs Committee. This is the bill that eliminates the Legislative Commission on Metropolitan Government. I know what you're thinking. "I didn't even know there was a Legislative Commission on Metropolitan Government." Team members may be hoping it dies a slow, tortuous, has-to-get-heard-in-lots-of-committees-before-the-plug-is-pulled death. Reps. Hilstrom; Hornstein; Dominguez; Bigham; Simon have their names on this one.

That's the only bill scheduled for a hearing today in the House.

There could be big points at stake in the Senate today where SF 17, the bill that provides conformity with federal tax code. This thing is on a fast track because folks are already out buying their TurboTax programs, which will need to be updated in a hurry, from what I heard in the committee session the other day. 11 a.m. is "gametime." You can watch the session via the Senate Webcast.

I'll be interested to see exactly which version of the bill passes.

It appears the Senate is prepared to substitute the companion bill -- HF 8. That could be bad news for "owners" of Sens. Bakk and Senjem. But good news for those teams with Reps. Wollschlager; Lenczewski; Simpson; Morgan; Faust; Ward; Knuth; Paymar; Hornstein; Murphy, M.; Fritz; Peterson, A.; Solberg; Juhnke; Marquart; Eken; Poppe; Loeffler; Dill; Carlson; Murphy, E.; Hortman; Tillberry; Morrow; Lillie; Mahoney; Nelson; Ruud; Davnie; Hilstrom; Mullery; Johnson; Doty; Kelliher; Hausman.

What's at stake. If the House bill is substituted (including the bill #), then the Rep owners stand to gain 25 OC (other chamber) points, and -- should Gov. Pawlenty sign it -- another 50 points.