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Today's Senate debate

Posted at 11:14 AM on January 22, 2007 by Bob Collins

You may recall last week, Republicans stymied the quick passage of HF 8 (the bill that provides federal tax conformity for Minnesota), when they tried to amend property tax relief into the bill (after it had passed unanimously in committee. It looked like it may go back to committee, but today Sen. Thomas Bakk moved for passage. Senate Minority Leader David Senjem (whose name, with Bakk's, is on the Senate version of the bill), also pushed for its approval.

Then it got interesting -- at least to me -- again, when Sen. Julianne Ortman -- again tried to add an amendment for a tax rebate of some sort.

She then gave an impassioned plea for her amendment, offered it, and then withdrew it. Sounds like maybe Bakk and she worked out a deal to get her point on the record, and then get out of the way of the bill.

And then the bill passed. Unfortunately for teams holding Bakk and Senjem, they don't get any votes on the deal. They accepted the HF8 language so rather than getting FP points, holders of Reps. Wollschlager, Lenzczewki, Simpson, Morgan, Faust, Ward, Knuth, Paymar, Hornstein, M.Murphy, Fritz, A. Peterson, Solberg, Juhnke, Marquart, Eken, Poppe, Loeffler, Dill, Carlson, E. Murphy, Hortman, Tillberry, Morrow, Lillie, Mahoney, Nelson, Ruud, Davnie, Hilstrom, Mullery, Johnson, Doty, Kelliher, and Hausman get 25 OC (other chamber passage) votes and the 50 points that are sure to come from the governor's signature on what appears to be the first signed bill of the session.

At this hour, the Senate is debating SF 25, which would make inflation part of the consideration in calculating budget forecasts in the state. Update: Approved by the Senate on a 44-23 roll-call vote.

Other bills Also passing today was SF 19, which terminates the Legislative Commission on Metropolitan Government (points for Sens. Rest; Moua; Larson; Dibble; Hann).

Other news:More bills were filed in the House today. You can find details here.