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Today's scoring

Posted at 2:25 PM on January 11, 2007 by Bob Collins

As I indicated in an earlier post (if you're reading this on the MFL front page, only a piece of the latest post is displayed, click the link at the bottom to see the whole deal), HF8 passed the House early this afternoon and the points have now been given to 35 House members.

In addition, SF 16 is now getting a hearing in committee(watch with RealPlayer) . It's the bill that makes failure to use your seat belt a primary offense. For pure emotional testimony, this hearing has been difficult and interesting to watch at the same time. Sad stories from grieving parents. Sen. Mee Moua said this bill has wide support and appears to be going places.

House bills 68- 109 were filed today. Those points have also been tallied. Among the bills:

  • Deductions for health insurance premiums.
  • bear baiting restrictions
  • Limiting the Legislature to odd-numbered years only (nooooooo! Fantasy Legislature only every other year?)
  • a state ombudsman for mental health.
  • Designating Elk River as Minnesota's energy city.
  • Increasing the minimum wage.
  • Local sales tax increase for North Mankato.

    Here's today's House Journal. You'll note on the last page the names of people who are being add to already filed legislation. They will accumulate points from today on, but will not be credited with a BF (bill filed) point since they are being added after the bill was filed.