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Housekeeping - Tues. Jan. 8, 2006

Posted at 11:31 AM on January 9, 2007 by Bob Collins

I mentioned this in a comment in the earlier post but it's worth putting here to clarify things. The subject is waiver claims (free agents).

Q: What happens to the points when you pick up a free agent?

A: Nothing. You don't get the points accumulated by a free agent prior to your claiming him (via the waiver process). You get, however, the points after he/she joins your team. Similarly, you keep all the points any legislator accumulates while on your team, even if you cut him/her later.


There's one change in the overnight scoring. Sen. Leo Foley was added as a co-author of S.F. 16 yesterday morning during the Senate floor session. SF 16 (the seat belt bill). Foley won't pick up a point for a bill filing since the bill was filed already (although technically a bill is filed in the floor session, for scoring purposes we consider a bill "filed" as soon as the Senate Web site so indicated, in this case... last Friday). The bill is scheduled to be heard todayThursday, so Foley will pick up points from here on.

Sens. Kubly, Prettner Solon, Rosen, and Doll were added to SF4 (a bill to establish a renewable energy standard). No retroactive bill filing (BF) points there as that bill was also filed last week. But, again, future points for the bill will also be credited to Kubly, Prettner Solon, Rosen and Doll.

Log page: I am adding a page with "activity log," Soon. Any changes to the spreadsheet indicative of scoring will be documented, so you can see more easily whether your team's totals reflect a particular piece of legislation or legislative action.