Sunday, September 25, 2016

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Hot or Not?

Posted at 9:06 AM on January 28, 2007 by Bob Collins

I present this with my weekly disclaimer that what follows is not to be interpreted as an indicator of the effectiveness of anyone as a legislator, but only for their effectiveness as a points-getter in Minnesota Fantasy Legislature. The two are not the same.

This is for the week just finished:

Who's Hot?

Rep. Sheldon Johnson (D)
92 Points

Rep. Phyllis Kahn (D)
81 points

Rep. Leon Lillie (D)
79 points

Rep. Maria Ruud (D)
77 points

Rep. Erin Murphy (D)
46 points
Who's Not?

Rep. Brad Finstad (R)
0 points

Rep. Tom Hackbarth (R)
0 points

Rep. Sandra Masin (DFL)
1 point

Rep. Tom Emmer (R)
1 point

Rep. Chris DeLaForest (R)
1 points