Friday, September 30, 2016

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HF 8 on the floor

Posted at 10:41 AM on January 11, 2007 by Bob Collins (1 Comments)


Rep. Ann Lenczewski (Sine Die Sadists in the Gold League; Good Bye Mady's in the Maroon) makes a point during this morning's debate on a federal comformity bill. Photo: Tom Scheck)

I'm taking a few hours off this morning and sitting here with the dog, the House floor session on TV, and a hot bowl of oatmeal. Life is good.

For some reasons the House Web site doesn't list a calendar for the day, nor any floor amendments yet, so I may hang with this for awhile to be sure we get the points right.

HF 8 is as stated, "Tax conformity provided for tax year 2006 to the federal teacher expense deduction, tuition subtraction, and other provisions of the Tax Relief and Health Care Act, Heroes Earned Retirement Opportunity Act, and Pension Protection Plan."

A gimmee, right? Nope. The DFL and GOP are going at it pretty well at the moment. In the Taxes Committee the other day, it passed 10-0. Not sure what the amendment attempts are on this "federal tax conformity" legislation, but judging by the debate so far, some DFLers are taking their first opportunities to flex their oratorial muscle.

Update 1:02 p.m. - HF 8 passes 138-0.

If you're keeping score at home, Speaker Kelliher has made her first Rule 3.21 ruling (germainess). Worth noting, however, that unencumbered by the Speaker job anymore, Rep. Steve Sviggum pretty well "schooled" the House on 3.21.

I should've declared today a "Sessionpalooza" day.

BTW, there's 35 names on this puppy so virtually every team has a horse in this one. They are: Wollschlager; Lenczewski; Simpson; Morgan; Faust; Ward; Knuth; Paymar; Hornstein; Murphy, M.; Fritz; Peterson, A.; Solberg; Juhnke; Marquart; Eken; Poppe; Loeffler; Dill; Carlson; Murphy, E.; Hortman; Tillberry; Morrow; Lillie; Mahoney; Nelson; Ruud; Davnie; Hilstrom; Mullery; Johnson; Doty; Kelliher; Hausman.

Comments (1)

Yes, Bob, virtually "every team" has a player on HF08...except of course the "Beavers"! What a week. BTW, kudos for all of your hard work putting this thing together.

Posted by Mike Simpkins | January 11, 2007 11:07 AM