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Floor Session Palooza!!!

Posted at 2:17 AM on January 25, 2007 by Bob Collins (3 Comments)

Today is a designated "Floor Session Palooza" day. With the chances of a few bills hitting the floor today, Floor Session Palooza provides an opportunity for teams to earn some bonus points.

Here's the way it works:

The House is in session starting at 10 a.m. (Watch online). The Senate is in session at 11:45 a.m. (Watch online). Every legislator who speaks on legislation (and I'm including process here too) gets a point. And, sure, one point may not sound like much. But add up the entire season and there's a fair chance Floor Session Palooza could make a difference.

As far as committee action today, I don't see a lot of bills scheduled for committee, but then again I said the same thing yesterday and there were tremendous amounts of points awarded, including the advancement of the House version of the seat belt bill.

A reminder here that all the scoring is documented on the play-by-play page.

Waivers: Check out the free agent lists (Gold | Maroon) for opportunities to improve your squad. Waiver claims must be submitted by 5 p.m. Friday, and you must use this form. Be sure to list the full name (including legislative body) of everyone you pick up or cut and be sure that the claim you submit would not result in your team falling below the minimum representation (2 team members) for each party.

I know you're out there - I know a lot of legislators are following the MFL, and that's cool. Feel free to post here any details of legislation you're working on or observations you have about the session so far and what you see happening. I suppose I could occasionally have an open thread for legislators, but I want to make sure there are enough who would be interested in sharing their thoughts.

Comments (3)

Let the Palooza Conga line form up behind me!

M F L Pa-loo... ZA! M F L Pa-loo... ZA!

[of course... all Redress teammates are expected and required to join the Palooza today. If you miss, I expect to see a note from your parents with a good excuse. Thank you.]

Posted by gml4 | January 25, 2007 8:13 AM

Whew today is going to be a big one. The Commissioner can handle it, I know he can...I know he can...I know he can. All this _and_ a Conga line!

You know this but I'd be very interested in that open thread tomorrow, Bob.

Posted by Julia Schrenkler | January 25, 2007 8:56 AM

What? No points for the senators that made the announcement on the buses leaving at 1245?

Posted by Nancy G | January 26, 2007 2:36 AM