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Bill Filings Update : Should judges be elected?

Posted at 9:55 PM on January 26, 2007 by Bob Collins (2 Comments)

Nearly 75 bills will be filed in the Senate on Monday, but since the list has already been released, the points are being tabulated and will be updated soon (if not already).

The most interesting bills that won't be covered by my mainstream media pals (in my opinion).

* SF 324 would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot eliminating the election of judges in Minnesota and give the power to the governor with the confirmation powers in the Senate. Points to: Neuville, Mary, and Moua. Prognosis: I have no real insight here, but this is always one of those debates that has more to it than you think. Hard to believe it's something that can happen in this session, but it will be interesting to see how many lawyers add -- or don't add -- their names to this puppy.

* SF 326 is another bill to steer some money to the environment and natural resources. This bill would allocate a portion of unclaimed lottery prize money. Points to: Robling, Rest, Vickerman, Lourey, Ingebrigtsen. Prognosis: Natural resources/environment has to come out of this session with something.

* SF 329 - Compensates state employees for time they were not able to work during the partial government shutdown. Points to: Rest, Berglin, Tomassoni, Murphy, and Cohen. Prognosis: Good. Real good. That's labor we're talking about and the name of the party in power has a big L at the end of it. On the other hand, that's a Republican in the corner office so this could have override points.

* SF 328 - Provides no -interest loans for dairy farmers to buy mature cows. Points to : Vickerman. Prognosis: I don't know but it'll be fun to compare previous votes on the Twins stadium to this one. If it gets a vote. Could be a "payback" vote for some metro lawmakers.

* SF 345 -- Allows the medical use of marijuana. Points to: Murphy, Michel, Dille, Higgins, and Berglin. Prognosis: No clue. Not even a guess. You tell me.

* SF 350 - Provides a day off to certain veterans (with pay). Points to: Sparks, Koering, Vickerman, Erickson Ropes, and Murphy.

* SF372 -- Would allow ticket scalping in Minnesota. Points to: Gerlach, Scheid, Johnson, Tomassoni, Metzen. Prognosis: Given the fact you can't give away tickets to the Timberwolves and Vikings, I'm calling this the Ticket scalper full employment act of 2007. Hey, seen how much it costs to buy a ticket on Ticketmaster these days? Tell me, seriously, what do you call that?

Comments (2)

Re: SF372-Legalizing ticket scalping. It's been my experience that in States where scalping is allowed, the consumer is the big winner. I've NEVER had to pay as much for a ticket to a major event, i.e., NCAA Final Four, as Ticketmaster charges. And at lesser events, like a major league baseball game, you can ALWAYS get tickets for less than face value. I've also NEVER had a bad experience with a scalper yet every time I've dealt with Ticketmaster I feel as if I've been raked over the coals. Needless to say, I hope this bill becomes law.

Posted by mike Simpkins | January 26, 2007 10:48 PM

Re: SF329
Last year, state workers were compensated for 1/2 of the time that they were forced to take off (they received 1/2 of the vacation time they spent or 1/2 of the cash they would have received). As a part of that deal, they were not allowed to lobby the legislature on this issue. I guess some legislators just decided to do it on their own though, which was not against the deal.

Posted by MR | January 29, 2007 8:12 AM