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In which the Fitzgerald becomes a movie set
July 21, 2005

I went over to the Fitzgerald Theater early in the day to take a look at what is going on with the movie. In case you haven't heard, Robert Altman is shooting a movie there with a script by Garrison Keillor, and we've had a gaggle of stars in our midst working on it night and day. It is interesting to see how the production has taken over the theater entirely - things are moved around and painted and there is equipment everywhere. Outside the Fitz is a trailer which is serving as additional dressing rooms for the cast. This is a good idea because the Fitz's dressing rooms are not exactly what one would call spacious. (And the bathrooms are down the hall.) If you want to read about the movie you can go to the Fitzgerald's web site.

Some of the backstage area has been painted apple green. Nice touch. And the lobby is decked out in new colors, too, with a small mural painted in one of the staircases. Soon we'll have to figure out whether to paint everything back to the original colors or leave it in the new colors. Opinions on this vary, which is one of the reasons I went over to get a good look at it myself.

A member of MPR's staff has gone off to the League of Historic Theaters conference in Kansas City to see what he can learn from our colleagues around the U.S. I'd guess the Fitz will be news there because of all this. It's a grand old theater and I'm glad the world will get to see it in Mr. Altman's movie.

Here are The Current we are working on plans to Rock the Fitz this fall. We'll have more details soon.

Posted by Sarah Lutman at 08:50 AM | Comments (1)


You absolute tease. But if it's what I think, thank you for actually putting together a big shindig in Saint Paul.

Posted by: Drew J at July 21, 2005 09:30 AM


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