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First eight arraignments

Posted at 11:09 AM on September 2, 2008 by Tim Nelson (0 Comments)

Here's the starting lineup for the RNC arraignments. These are the only eight names listed on the calendar for Ramsey County District Court judge J. Thomas Mott, and he's handling the RNC-related arrests. The docket doesn't say where or when or under what circumstances these arrests were made, but last week's arrests were made in Minneapolis. This is a tiny fraction of the people arrested, but if it's any indication of the rest of the detainees, they're 1) young guys and 2) not from around here.

1. Nathan Andrews Runals, 6/13/1988, Middleville, MI
Charge: Presence at unlawful assembly

2. Joseph Luis Sanchez, 8/29/1985, no address
Charge: Presence at unlawful assembly

3. Jiro Kanno, 6/25/1981, Chicago, IL
Charge: Disorderly conduct

4. Brandon David Bowser, 9/25/1985, Mt. Pleasant, MI
Charge: Presence at unlawful assembly

5. Stephen Matthew Goodman, 8/27/1984, New York, NY
Charge: Obstructing legal process, disorderly conduct, traffic obstruction

6. Timothy John Clifford, 12/28/1984, MA
Charge: Disorderly conduct, obstructing legal process, presence at unlawful assembly

7. Hannibal Cameron Cook, 8/6/1990, Rochester, MN
Charge: Presence at unlawful assembly

8. Brian Christopher Brown, 10/28/1986, Itasca, IL
Charge: Presence at unlawful assembly

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Posted at 12:10 PM on September 2, 2008 by Molly Bloom (1 Comments)

MPR reporter Paul Tosto sends in this report:

At a press conference this morning, the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign promised celebrities for the afternoon march scheduled for 4 p.m. and that the celebrities would be prepared to go to jail if need be.

But as celebrities go, we're not talking Jane Fonda. Those initially listed included Rosario Dawson, John Ritter and Mark Webber.

Dawson's not bad, with Rent, He Got Game and Clerks II to her credit. But we were also told this morning she may not make it. John Ritter, star of the old Three's Company sitcom, died in 2003. We were told his son Jason Ritter will actually be the celebrity. Webber is a Minneapolis born actor whose biography notes he was once homeless and is now an advocate for the homeless.

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Another skirmish coming?

Posted at 5:12 PM on September 2, 2008 by Molly Bloom (1 Comments)

Our reporter monitoring police communications hears that cops are staging themselves on the west side of Sibley, trying to keep people from getting into downtown from the West. They are trying to "remain proactive about keeping people from entering downtown" during the rally scheduled at 4 p.m.

There are also reports of a group of protesters at the parking lot between United Hospital and Kellogg. They are reportedly doing "counter-surveillance" and getting the lay of the land.

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Blessing at Mears Park

Posted at 5:25 PM on September 2, 2008 by Molly Bloom (0 Comments)

MPR reporter Tim Nelson is out at Mears Park where people are gathering for The Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign's "March for Our Lives."

The march itself hasn't started yet, but the festivities are well under way.

Tim sent along these pictures of a Mexican blessing ceremony:

Idalia Robles.jpgAbove, Idalia Robles takes part in the ceremony. And below, two girls dance as part of the blessing ceremony.

two girls.jpgBelow, Susana de Leon before the ceremony.

susana de leon.jpg

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The march gets moving

Posted at 6:22 PM on September 2, 2008 by Molly Bloom (0 Comments)


MPR reporter Tim Nelson took this picture from the back of the "March for Our Lives." The group (pictured here at 7th and Wacouta) is heading west on 7th Street from Mears Park toward the Xcel Energy Center.

Before the march got moving there was a skirmish between police and protesters at Mears Park where the group was gathering before the march.

At least three people were taken into custody and pepper spray was used on a small contingent of marchers who veered out of the park into the intersection.

Tim says that the organizers had forgotten to get the electricity turned on. While they were trying to get the juice going, tensions grew high as people stood around and waited.

But the march is moving along peacefully...for now.

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