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Wisconsin recall vote: Nuggets from the exit polls

Posted at 12:51 PM on June 6, 2012 by Paul Tosto
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ABC News and Langer Research uncovered some interesting gems in their exit polling from Wisconsin's recall elections Tuesday. Maybe the most interesting: Most people hate recall elections unless they are to remove someone for official misconduct.

Here are some of the other nuggets, from the ABC report:

Wisconsin voters by 52-43 percent were more apt to say government "is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals" than to say it "should do more to solve problems." The former view typically draws more votes for Republican candidates, and indeed Walker led among those who expressed it by 76-23 percent.

Wisconsin voters by 51-44 percent said they'd support Obama over Romney if the election were today, the ABC News exit poll found, by 42-38 percent picked Obama to do a better job than Romney handling the economy and by 46-37 percent preferred the president on "helping the middle class."

Voters expressed nearly identical opinions of both political parties, with just fewer than half expressing a favorable opinion of either the Democrats (46 percent) or the Republicans (49 percent). And there was a sour note for the recall process itself: Six in 10 said recalls are appropriate only for reasons of official misconduct. They showed up to vote nonetheless.

Another result pointed to what may have been a key advantage for Walker: Voters approved rather than disapproved of his performance creating jobs, by 54-45 percent.

All the spending on campaign advertising in the last month -- disproportionately by Walker and his supporters -- may ultimately not have made much difference: nine in 10 Wisconsin voters said they'd made up their minds at least a month ago.

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