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Around Duluth: City digs out, dries out and charts way forward

Posted at 6:28 AM on June 21, 2012 by Michael Olson

A look at what Duluth flood coverage is making news this morning on MN Today.

MPR News: "State and local emergency management officials on Thursday will begin to assess the damage in Duluth. Up to ten inches of rain fell in torrents over the city on Wednesday, flooding rivers and creeks and overwhelming the city's storm water system. Dozens of streets and highways were closed, giant sinkholes swallowed cars and homes and apartments were flooded. No major injuries or deaths were reported, although there were some close calls and many residents were shaken by the force of the flood."

Nearly 300 people flee high water in Duluth and along St. Louis River
Duluth News Tribune: "By airboat, trucks and city bus, residents evacuated the Fond du Lac neighborhood on Wednesday as flooding from the region's torrential downpour turned their homes into islands."

Flooding forces evacuation from homes, campsites
WDIO: One man was still in Jay Cooke State Park when the water began to rise."All of the sudden, the path in front of me was just another river, it was 6 feet wide where I tested the edge it was at least 3 feet deep and it was rushing way faster than I was willing to walk through," Lathan Kistler of St. Paul said.

Lincoln Park residents suffer major damage to Homes

Northland News: "The unprecedented flooding in the Duluth area has caused hardships for many in the Northland.The Lincoln Park Neighborhood was hit particularly hard. '[In] eight years I've never seen anything like this,' said resident Alisha Barnes, 'It's just a hard pill to swallow. For me and all of my neighbors.'"

"We're trying to be as vigilant as we can so that we don't have that catastrophe. Because everywhere you look, there is potential for tragedy" -- Duluth Mayor Don Ness (Star Tribune).

Photos: Widespread flooding submerges part of Duluth, North Shore

Heavy rain caused major flooding in Duluth, Minn. and up the North Shore of Lake Superior. Sinkholes swallowed cars as Duluth's stormwater system failed under the pressure of a flood not seen in decades.

Storified by Minnesota Today · Wed, Jun 20 2012 22:53:26

Via @lydiamaefarber: @GMA #duluthflood
The water washes the ground away and left the tracks suspended! #igers#ighub#instagood#instamood#instagramers#love#igdaily#iphonesia#instagramhub#followme#photooftheday#instagram#instadaily#picoftheday#bestoftheday#webstagram#iphoneonly#follow#statigram#ignation#instahub#life#duluthflood#superiorwi#superior#superiorwi#disaster#traintracksBitzy Biskitz
Crazy whirlpool! #duluthflood @MNproblems @MnThings @duluthnews Snyder
It's official: This is now the flood of record on the St. Louis River at Scanlon. 15.89 beats 15.8 stage 62 years ago. Weather
RT @TylerVerry: Downtown Proctor. #duluthflood
Knife River, MN Flooding - June 20, 2012karisalc
Tischer creek. #flood2012chrisplys
12 feet deep water in the church tunnel #duluthflood2012 @A_LeGarde Beery
Funambulism train style. #duluthflood @duluthnews
Photo of a seal that escaped from the Duluth Zoo overnight & was wandering around the streets from a friends Facebook: Matteson
@feliciaday I'm currently flooded in my house in Duluth,MN with road collapsing and what do I do? Watch @theguild. Sampson
Map: Duluth floodingby Will Lager, Minnesota Public Radio Map of flooding in Duluth and surrounding communities Map Legend Heavily affected areas are outline...
A photo of Duluth Tunnels last night during the flood! Gimberlin
RT @ClintonLittle: Landslide on Arlington Road. #DLH #Duluth Tvrdik
Live Blog: Duluth Flood Emergency; 8Posted at 8:06 AM on June 20, 2012 by Paul Huttner (0 Comments) Filed under:Flooding 700 AM CDT WED JUN 20 2012 ...FLASH FLOOD WARNING RE...
RT @braintrustt: Grandma's on the hill. #duluthflood @duluthnews
RT @dtracy89: Want to get away? RT @RachelAgurkis What is this guy thinking?! Target, Duluth, MN #duluthflood Benson
Speechless. RT @RachelAgurkis: Cody Street Duluth, MN #duluthflood @duluthnews @weatherchannel
@duluthnews Pack
Picture exploring the flood Fedora
Lester/Amity after #duluthflood
St. Louis County public safety scanner feed » Tibbetts
Flooding at 9am around St. Marie street and Woodland Ave- Duluth, MN Flooding 6-20-2012bestdamnangler
Chester #duluthflood
RT @BeauWalsh: This was my favorite street to walk down. It looks like an earthquake hit! #DuluthFlood
#duluthflood #duluth Nelson
RT @TWCjerdman: Can see storm runoff (brown color) into Lake Superior in this photo. RT @upnorthuffda: Cool lake picture #duluthflood
Nothing like kayaking to UMD. RT @k_ogburn Holy fricken rain! This is right by #umd campus.. #duluthflood Halverson
This is Duluth Northrup
Boating down a road. #duluthflood
My Accnt is FLOODED (pun intended) with the Duluth Flood n @justinbieber new cd!! We MAY b winning this1 sorry Biebs :) Jezierski
RT @kbk1231: Lakeside sinkholes. #duluthflood #mntoday Smith
Goat Hill, same intersection, just turn the corner. pic 2/4 #duluthfloodGeorge Harnish
So today is all about watching FB pics of the flood in #Duluth Weintraub
yfrog Photo : Shared byby
let's play soccer #duluthflood Slattengren
I thought they said this was a flash flood. Sure looks like a regular flood.
Top of 3rd St West. pic 4/4 #duluthfloodGeorge Harnish
Something isn't right here #duluthflood Dusek
@duluthnews Midway Road Lofald
@duluthnews in Esko off Harney rd Vigliaturo
MPR News reporter Dan Kraker in Duluth: "It's bad up here." No travel advised in Duluth area.MPR News
#Duluth #flood Preston
Amanda Harrison
Amanda Harrison
Amanda Harrison
Amanda Harrison
Flood waters at chester park ripping bark off a tree in its way. #duluthflood Edwards
Duluth Flood 2012: Swimming in the flooded Krenzen lotEinJihsYyc_O4UyMVPdKDw
Flooded Duluth street. #parkpoint #duluthflood
Lake Superior Zoo spokeswoman: 2 seals escaped zoo this morning in flood, they are now safe and secure... #duluthMPR News
Another sinkhole in downtown Duluth #holyrain #Duluthmn
Duluth under water! #duluth #floodBri
@webertom1 @DailyCircuit #DuluthFlood Gazebo at Amity Creek's "The Deeps" 6:30AM Rentz
Central Park flowing into the bayfonixmunkee
Flash Flooding Duluth Minnesota Central Hillsidethralow
Flooding on Fourth St by Whole Foods Coop in Duluth, 2 a.m. Weds. #duluthflood Krueger
Miscalculating the size of a "puddle" turned my car first into a boat, and shortly after: a silver island in a raging brown sea. Floating metal dumpsters banged against each other loudly as I waded to higher ground. Who expected to need flood insurance in Duluth?Eric Glen Meyer
Lake Superior Zoo spokeswoman: Some animals in barnyard exhibit died in the flood. Damage to some buildings at zoo. #duluthMPR News
Reporter Dan Kraker in Duluth: Flooding taxing the infrastructure in Duluth -- problems with sinkholes, manhole covers...MPR News
Duluth News Tribune: Duluth residents urged by police to stay home, more rain expected.
Major flooding in NE Minnesotaby Dan Kraker, Minnesota Public Radio DULUTH, Minn. - Major flooding in northeastern Minnesota has closed roads, Duluth City Hall and the...
#chestercreek it's flooding like crazy now - 6 inches of rain last 36 hours more on the way #duluth #floodingnicholas
@madeleinebaran this is just down my street. Sinkhole + car. #dlh Langlee
yfrog Photo : Shared by stormchaser4850stormchaser4850
In front of the co op #dlh #flood #mncd8 just now Perpich
Flooding video in Superior's Central Park: and #dlh #duluthflood #dusuRichard K
Superior street #duluth #floodingMike Waldren
Heavy flooding on London Road Chura
Flash Flood in backyard. McTavish
1st St. at 7th Ave. E in Duluth - floodwaters rushing downhill. 2:10 a.m. Krueger
Car in sinkhole on Skyline Pkwy near 8th Ave E in Duluth. Occupants reported to be safe. #duluthflood Krueger
Driving in a flood. #smart Carlson
RT @maxcaven: Wow the Duluth area is actually flooding... Stole this pic off someone on FB. Proctor right now - Price
#sky#lights#clouds#colorHope Huffman
This is about what every intersection in Lakeside looks like. Montgomery
#raw #duluth #nosnow #minnesota #rubberboots #rain #floodingBen Marwick
Went out into the Duluth flood and snapped a few photos! 3 feet of water on parts of railroad street - Caven Photo
Flooding On I35maxcavenphotography
@Ginger_Zee 4 inches of rain in Two Harbors,MN guy
☔⚡������Soooo much rain. Had to find a new way work!
:( #duluthflood McTavish

More Duluth news from MN Today.

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