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What's it like where you are?

Posted at 8:00 AM on February 29, 2012 by Jon Gordon
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We asked folks on Facebook for their accounts of the weather. It's quite the varied picture.

"I'm seeing my car stuck in the parking lot and me being late for work." - Randy Reiter.

"In the St. Croix Valley, lots of ICE and beautiful snow to cover it. No school!! =))" - Amy Schilling

"The wind is roaring in off the lake in Duluth. Visibility is very limited." -Chad Pierson

"Water seeping into my basement, ice on the trees, 2" of snow, visibility ok, late start for the kids' school." -Linda Wolfgram Kramer

"In finland and Silver Bay (on the north shore) we have nothing but wind. We were predicted to get 15 inches of snow starting at 2 am but so far its not looking promising anymore." -Jen Bushmaker

"Not a flake in Bemidji." -Jeff Erickson

"NW suburbs is really pretty. Had lots of snow/rain mix to coat everything. Then a layer of snow to coat the rest. Now you are hard pressed to find and wood showing on the trees because they look like snow trees." -Chris Rathbun

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