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State of the State: What readers want to hear

Posted at 11:37 AM on February 15, 2012 by Paul Tosto
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Gov. Mark Dayton's State of the State speech is still more than seven hours away. But we're getting a healthy response from Minnesotans on what they want to hear from the governor this evening.

Here's a sampling from our MPR News Facebook page:

Kathy Sill Hilber More good governance and less social engineering. Education,jobs and infrastucture please!

Connie Hanratty Heisenfelt He needs to get behind eliminating as much fraud in our elections as we can by insisting an ID is shown in order to vote...You need an Id to fly, drive, cash a check , open a bank account...this is the least we can do to insure those voting are actually legal to vote.

Lisa Zahn our state constitutionally mandated education system is in a depression and needs to be fully funded now!

Similar sentiments are running on the MPR News Today's Question page. A sampling:

...We are hearing too many extremists pushing radical solutions to nonexistant problems. This is drowning out the common sense conversations that used to be a hallmark of good government. Minnesota is losing it's national reputation for dealing fairly with difficult issues.

...The state of our state is OK, just OK. We spend more than we take in and the party cannot last forever.

...The state of our state is still strong; the quality of life is still good. This is true DESPITE the intentions of current legislative leaders.

...Running government on the basis of one-time pots of money and putting of until next year what someone needs tomorrow is a fraud and a sham.

What do you want to hear from the governor tonight?

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