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MnDOT advises no travel in parts of north central MN

Posted at 7:07 AM on February 29, 2012 by Jon Gordon
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From MPR News reporter Elizabeth Stawicki:

MNDOT officials report difficult driving conditions due to snow in the state's midsection.

MNDOT's Kevin Gutknecht says in some areas of north central Minnesota, authorities are advising no travel.

"And if folks are traveling from the metro area north to Duluth or northwest to Fargo Moorhead area, they're going to encounter difficult conditions," Gutknecht said. "Along the 94 corridor, there are places where we're actually advising no travel. There's a lot of snow, there's a great deal of snow there. Our plows are out and clearing the roadways but it's going to take time."

Gutknecht is advising drivers in the metro area to take extra time during their morning commutes as the roads are snow covered with ice underneath. He recommends that drivers look to MNDOT's 511 web page for updated driving conditions in their area.

"In the metro area, the roads are snowcovered, there's a little bit of ice underneath that snow, there's compaction," Gutknecht said. "I would highly recommend that folks take extra time this morning if they can leave for work early, they should. And when you're in the road, take your time."

Many schools across central Minnesota have canceled and delayed classes.

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