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Huttner weather update at 7:48 am

Posted at 7:47 AM on February 29, 2012 by Jon Gordon
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"This is the most difficult storm I've ever had to forecast," said MPR News Chief Meteorologist Paul Huttner just now on Morning Edition.

That's because of all the different precip types, forecast models that turned out to be not so good, and temps that sort of hovered in the gray area of 32 degrees.

Conditions now, according to Huttner:

--Little or no snow in southeast half of metro now. Still snowing lightly in the west metro.
--12 inches of snow in Alexandria, 8 in Mora, 6.5 in Andover, 6 in Delano.
--Winds will pick up through the day
--Residual ice could mean more power outages

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