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Dayton to call for bipartisan jobs deal in address?

Posted at 9:18 AM on February 15, 2012 by Paul Tosto
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State of the State speeches are more wish lists than anything else. But every governor tries.

Gov. Mark Dayton last year offered a "five point plan" to prosperity that called for investing in stuff everyone wants: more jobs, better education, improved transportation, better citizen health and government reform.

Instead, we got a partial state government shutdown. You tell us: What's the state of the state?

Tonight, expect Dayton to call for a bipartisan jobs package with a speech touching on themes of "shared stewardship and working together with an eye toward long-term objectives," the Associated Press reports.

Gov. Mark Dayton has rarely shown a gift for soaring rhetoric, but he'll have to summon a little magic Wednesday for a State of the State speech that could be his last chance in a short legislative session to convince skeptical Minnesota Republicans they should unite with him.

The Democratic governor and Republicans who control the Legislature have repeatedly cited job creation as a common goal for the session. Dayton said Tuesday that he would urge a "bipartisan jobs package that combines their best ideas and mine," and his advisers said the speech will revolve around a theme of shared stewardship and working together with an eye toward long-term objectives.
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