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Minneapolis pitches Metrodome site for new Vikes stadium

Posted at 1:48 PM on January 12, 2012 by Paul Tosto
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In their final pitch to Gov. Mark Dayton, Minneapolis officials today reiterated that building a new stadium for the VIkings on the current Metrodome sight is the best solution. They also argued it could be done without any additional local taxes and that Minneapolis would also kick in $6.5 million a year for operations and maintenance.

Here's the cover letter to the city's proposal.

We are pleased to present Downtown East, the site of the current Hubert H.Humphrey Metrodome, as our preferred location for a new multi-purpose "People's Stadium" where the Minnesota Vikings will play its home games.

While we are open to and engaged in continued discussions with the Vikings on the Linden Avenue site, we believe that Downtown East remains the best, lowest-cost option for a new Vikings stadium. In 2003, the Minneapolis City Council endorsed the Metrodome site as the City's preferred site for a new stadium.

That continues to be our preferred location. Minneapolis' Downtown East proposal is the best option for Vikings fans, the Minnesota Vikings, other collegiate, amateur and civic users and Minnesota taxpayers:

The best location. Downtown East is a superior location to Arden Hills: it provides the widest variety of affordable amenities to the public and presents the fewest impediments to immediate development.

No new taxes. Minneapolis has a workable financing plan, valid for either Minneapolis site, that uses existing taxes to fund a portion of stadium operating costs and finance a portion of capital costs. In other words, our plan relies on no new taxes.

Cash on the table. The Minneapolis proposal is the only one that puts immediate cash on the table.

Secures three statewide facilities at once. In addition to providing for a true "People's Stadium" for at least the next three decades, our plan also secures the long-term future of two other revenue-generating facilities of statewide significance: Target Center and the Minneapolis Convention Center.

On the local tax question, Minneapolis officials say they would shift existing Convention Center taxes toward the stadium.

Here's the entire proposal:

Minneapolis Stadium Proposal

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