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Iowa: The latest news

Posted at 8:30 AM on January 2, 2012 by Catharine Richert
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Voters have just one more day to decide who they are going to vote for in the Iowa caucuses. As MPR reported last week, many of them will remain undecided until the last minute. The New York Times also took a look at those voters; many feel there is no perfect candidate and that they'll ultimately have to settle.

Or voters may feel there are so many contenders it's hard to choose. Gallup puts this year's caucuses in perspective. According to the polling group, this year's race most closely resembles the 2003 Democratic contest here. The last time the Republican field had so many candidates in the Iowa caucus was 1964.

Read more from Gallup here.

Democratic polling outfit Public Policy Polling has a new survey out this morning as well, showing Ron Paul with 20 percent - a one percentage point lead over Mitt Romney, and two percentage point lead over Rick Santorum.

It's going to be a close race.

Here's a look at other Iowa news.

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