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Iowa: After Iowa

Posted at 7:41 AM on January 4, 2012 by Michael Olson
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Bachmann cancels S.C.; schedules news conference
USA Today: "Michele Bachmann has canceled her campaign appearances today, and called a late morning news conference. The announcement will no doubt stoke speculation that Bachmann will pull out of the race after her sixth place finish in the Iowa caucuses."

New life for Santorum

NPR: "Rick Santorum's stunning finish in Iowa's Republican presidential caucuses Tuesday breathed life into his dogged campaign and had his New Hampshire supporters dreaming of a top-three spot for him in next week's Granite State primary. But the path to a good finish in New Hampshire is not an easy one. Santorum's evangelical bona fides are bound to matter much less than in Iowa. And Mitt Romney, the former governor of neighboring Massachusetts, has consistently held wide leads in preference polls."

Romney's 'enthusiasm problem'

Politico: "Romney and his backers spent millions in combined campaign and PAC ad spending, but the Massachusetts governor scored only about a quarter of the caucus vote, giving Team Obama a first chance to analyze a possible opponent's weaknesses in the first live-fire political drill of the 2012 campaign."

A frustrated Gingrich looks past Iowa and lashes back at Romney
New York Times: "With his candidacy battered by negative campaign ads and a disappointing showing in the Iowa caucuses, Newt Gingrich is adjusting his strategy to rescue his ailing campaign, aggressively swatting back at Mitt Romney, whose supporters have painted him into the box of a Washington influence-peddler."

Maybe it's finally time to read those Ron Paul newsletters
NBC News: "Ron Paul's history of publishing racist, homophobic and conspiratorial newsletters didn't seem to hurt him in the Iowa caucuses, where he surged from the back of the polls to finish in the top three among Republican candidates for president."

Career-first defeat means it's time for Perry to reassess campaign

Austin American Statesman: "Oops, perhaps predictably, can beget ouch, a lesson Rick Perry learned the hard way Tuesday as he suffered a stinging, largely self-inflicted defeat that served as a rude awakening from his White House dream."

Michele Bachmann still a lock for reelection -- if she runs
Politico: "Michele Bachmann's disastrous sixth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses Tuesday night put her presidential campaign on death watch, but there's still one race where she leads the pack: the race for her House seat."

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