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How do Minnesota hunters view proposed wolf hunt?

Posted at 2:41 PM on January 26, 2012 by Paul Tosto
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With roughly half a million hunters in Minnesota, there are bound to be lots of opinions on the prospects for a wolf hunting and trapping season.

As lawmakers hear testimony today, we reached out this morning to hunters who are part of the MPR News Public Insight Network to tap their views on wolf hunt.

We got some great feedback. Most responding supported a wolf hunting season -- but they weren't planning to seek a permit.

"I would love to hunt a wolf, just once. It is a highly skilled and smart predator. It would also be a great trophy," Melissa Timm of Hampton wrote us. But, she added: "That is where I am conflicted. I usually only hunt what I will eat, or vermin. If the population is at a point where it is appropriate, I would do it. Also, It would be out of my budget at this time."

Jesse Dahl of Aurora wasn't completely set on a wolf hunt either.

I hunt all other legal game, deer, ducks, geese, grouse.... I also fish. I think it seems fair that if most other animals can be hunted, wolves should be too. I don't want to see a giant kill off, and then have to put the wolves back on the list.

Click on the map icons below to read more from Minnesotans in our network about the prospects for a wolf hunt, then add your voice.

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Steven Hill of Zimmerman said he would definitely seek a wolf license if a hunt takes place.

They are part of the environment as any other animal and need to be managed so they are a heralthy and vibrant sub population in the overall check and balance system of the environment.

They must have a place in our ecosystem where they can thrive but must be maintained in numbers that allows for good and healthy animals that multiply but do not overpopulate or end up in diseased or suffer from deprivation of any sort.

Man can easily help them exist in a strong state not weakened. Hunters understand the methods to create and maintain good conditions for successful management.

In the end, the love of hunting deer for many in the state may trump all else.

Rodney Loper told us he's hunted south of Grand Rapids for over forty years. "There has been an active wolf pack of varying size there over the years. I have seen them rarely but lots of sign this year in particular.

"I would not buy a wolf license," he added. "Deer season is just that. Get my deer and/or celebrate a partner's good fortune."

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