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Dayton says he may endorse a Vikes stadium site

Posted at 3:56 PM on January 12, 2012 by Paul Tosto
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Gov. Mark Dayton this afternoon told reporters he'll spend the weekend reviewing the various proposals received today to build a new Vikings stadium and he may back one of the proposals if he's sees one stand out.

Here's the latest from MPR News political reporter Tim Pugmire:

Gov. Mark Dayton says he plans to spend the weekend reviewing Vikings stadium proposals and will then share his opinion on the competing sites next week.

Dayton set today as the deadline for submitting stadium plans. He told reporters that he might endorse a site, if one stands out as the desirable and feasible. Dayton said it's still up to Republican legislative leaders to decide whether to take up a stadium bill during the 2012 session, and the DFL governor said he's been getting mixed signals recently.

"If it's going to get just torpedoed at the end of the session and not even be something people are going to want to vote on because they're worried about how it affects their re-election, their job rather thousands of other peoples jobs, then let's admit that at the beginning and move on."

Vikings officials have said that their preferred site is Arden Hills. Ramsey County officials increased their proposed share of the Arden Hills proposal to $375 million.

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