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Seifert: Koch news like finding Smokey Bear is arsonist

Posted at 10:07 AM on December 19, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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Leave it to former Republican Rep. Marty Seifert to offer the best quote so far on the news Sen. Amy Koch resigned from her leadership post due to an inappropriate relationship with a staffer.

"To discover that Amy was involved in some sort of scandal - finding that out is like finding out that Smoky the Bear is an arsonist," Seifert tells his local paper, the Marshall Independent.

"No one knows the true details of what went on, but she is probably the last person I would think would be involved in some sort of scandal."

Seifert, a former House minority leader and Republican gubernatorial candidate, also reiterated to the paper that he has no plans to seek the state Republican party chairmanship.

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