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Iowa: Bachmann plans two new TV ads for final push

Posted at 11:28 AM on December 31, 2011 by Emily Kaiser
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We just got this from MPR news reporter Mark Zdechlik, who's in Iowa covering the caucuses:

Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign is planning to hold precious TV firepower for the end and then spend "as much as we can," according to campaign manager Keith Nahigian.

The new ads for Minnesota's Republican congresswoman will air statewide in Iowa on Fox News following the holiday weekend, he said.

"The TV ads basically talk about her fighting for health care, fighting spending in Washington, fighting for many things in Washington and how she's the only one that knows how to create jobs and why she's the only constant conservative in the race," said Nahigian following a campaign stop in Fort Dodge, Iowa Friday afternoon.

The Bachmann campaign will be spending tens of thousands of dollars on its ads, not the millions some of the other GOP presidential hopefuls are pouring into their ad buys, he said.

Bachmann has been running radio ads in Iowa for several days. Nahigian said Bachmann has pulled backed her radio ads for this weekend, but the ads will return in full force on Monday and Tuesday.

Bachmann is behind in the polls, but is telling supporters she's optimistic Iowans "will come home" to her when it's time to vote at Tuesday evening's caucuses. Bachmann won the Ames straw poll in mid-August, but has had trouble gaining any traction since Texas Gov. Rick Perry got into the race the same day the poll was taken.

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