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Cook County courthouse shootings: Updated p.m. stories

Posted at 2:38 PM on December 16, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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MPR News and other media are updating their earlier stories on the Cook County courthouse shootings. Here's a look.

Grand Marais in shock after courthouse shooting
MPR News:

Grand Marais, Minn. -- Investigators on Friday were trying to piece together the details of a shooting at the Cook County courthouse that left three people injured a day earlier.

Cook County Sheriff Mark Falk said during a news conference Friday that his community was recovering from the shock of what happened.

"This is a very resilient community. We're a strong community, and we're not going to let something like this take us down," he said.

Falk also expressed relief that no one was killed in the incident. "There were a lot of heroes that really averted something much more serious," he said.

State Bureau of Criminal Apprehension Superintendent Wade Setter agreed the situation could have been much worse. BCA investigators are helping the sheriff's department with the investigation, and the state Attorney General will prosecute the case, Setter said.

Cook County sheriff: No hint suspect would turn violent
Star Tribune:
GRAND MARAIS, MINN. -- Cook County Sheriff Mark Falk said Friday that authorities had no hint that a newly convicted sex offender would shoot the prosecutor and a witness moments after jurors found him guilty in a North Shore courtroom.

In a news conference in the tourist town of Grand Marais, where the shooting occurred Thursday afternoon, Falk said that Daniel S. Schlienz, 42, was not immediately taken into custody upon conviction for third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Schlienz "was not remanded to our custody after the trial," said Falk, who then added, "There's nobody to blame here but Mr. Schlienz."

The courthouse does not have the metal detectors that are so common in the Twin Cities and elsewhere around the country.

"We're certainly going to review our security at our courthouse after this event," the sheriff said, adding that there was nothing that occurred throughout the trial to suggest the Schlienz, a former boxer, would turn violent.

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