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Bachmann comes in last in latest Des Moines Register poll

Posted at 7:04 PM on December 31, 2011 by Catharine Richert
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Only seven percent of likely Republican caucus-goers will vote for Rep. Michele Bachmann in Tuesday's caucuses, according to the Des Moines Register's latest poll.

According to the survey, Bachmann is currently in last place among candidates actively campaigning in Iowa for the first 2012 Republican nominating contest.

It's another blow to the already flagging Bachmann campaign, which lost its Iowa chair earlier this week to the Ron Paul campaign.

After finishing first in August's Iowa Straw Poll, campaigning in the state for months, and visiting Iowa's 99 counties last week, Bachmann has failed to catch-on among Iowa voters. Most voters here say they like Bachmann's passion and authenticity very much, but they're not sure she can beat President Barack Obama next fall.

Leading the pack in the Des Moines Register poll is Mitt Romney with 24 percent of the vote. He's closely followed by Ron Paul, who has 22 percent, and Rick Santorum, who comes in third with 15 percent.

Newt Gingrich has 12 percent of the vote and Texas Gov. Rick Perry has 11 percent.

Read more about the poll results here.

The Des Moines Register's poll also shows that the race is relatively fluid with 41 percent of likely caucus goers saying they may still change their vote.

Bachmann's campaign operatives have said doing well in Iowa is key to her long-term success in the nominating contest. If Bachmann manages to place better than polls suggest, she may have the momentum to compete in other state primaries, which are on an accelerated schedule this year.

Nevertheless, competing in the rest of the nominating contest requires lots of cash - and it's unclear if Bachmann has the funds to buoy her presidential bid in the coming weeks.

With the year's fundraising cycle coming to a close tonight, Bachmann, like the other candidates, sent out a last minute fundraising plea.

"Yesterday our campaign completed our 99 county tour across Iowa and the energy on the ground for our conservative message is extensive," she wrote in an e-mail to supporters. "You may not be able to cast your vote in an early caucus or primary state, but you can make your voice heard today. You can show Republicans and Democrats around the country that you support the only consistent conservative in this race by making an contribution of any amount before our Saturday deadline."

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