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Priced out of child care?

Posted at 6:20 AM on November 16, 2011 by Paul Tosto

MPR Photo/ Sasha Aslanian

Minnesota has one of the highest quality child care and day care systems in the country. But it doesn't come cheap.

Our state is one of the costliest in the nation when it comes to child care -- number five in the country in a recent CNNMoney analysis.

Now there's the worry, at least, that it could get more expensive. Gov. Mark Dayton on Tuesday ordered home-based child care providers to vote on whether to form a union. Republican legislators have threatened to sue to stop the vote.

We'll look at the issues today surrounding how much day care costs in Minnesota and why.

We'll add some data and reporting but we need your insight. Tell us your experiences with providing or paying for day care in Minnesota. Join in.

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