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School votes dominate Minnesota Election Day stories

Posted at 8:45 AM on November 9, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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If you follow schools, the biggest number of the day today is 123.

That's the number of school funding questions Minnesota voters backed on Tuesday.

MPR's Tom Weber this morning writes:

In all, 123 of the 176 referenda that were on ballots across the state won approval. Those 176 questions were spread out across 126 different school districts. At least 96 of those districts, or 76%, saw at least one question pass. The districts were asking voters to approve referendum questions that either maintain or increase spending.
Notable "No" votes on school questions included Stillwater and Bemidji, which rejected a $13 million question for a new elementary school building.

What happened in your school district Tuesday? How did you vote? Drop us a line.

Beyond schools, there were several other key Election Day stories. Voters in Virginia, "decided overwhelmingly Tuesday to surrender control of their local hospital," MPR News reporter Dean Kraker writes. The move will let the taxpayer-owned hospital to affiliate with a larger health care system.

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