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Can gambling deliver Vikings stadium cash?

Posted at 6:20 AM on November 2, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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Of all the ideas out there to pay for the public portion of a proposed Vikings football stadium, the only one killed Tuesday was a plan to use local sales taxes.

Stadium supporters claimed the decision to take the local sales tax option off the table didn't change anything. Vikings officials said the site they still covet at Arden Hills was still viable and legislators were more focused than ever on getting a deal done.

Left unanswered: Where will lawmakers find the public cash?

That's $350 million that would have been raised from a Ramsey County sales tax increase on top of the $300 million in public money the state was expecting to raise anyway.

Assuming no one's got $650 million lying around, we'll take a deeper look today at some of the money raising options up for discussion so far. They can be summed up thusly: casinos, racinos, electronic pull tabs, lottery scratch games and a memorabilia tax.

Out of all these, electronic pull tabs seem to have the votes at this point. And that won't be enough.

Any other good ideas out there to pay for the public chunk of the proposed Vikings stadium? Post them below.

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