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Breaking down Tuesday's school levy votes

Posted at 10:18 AM on November 9, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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The Minnesota School Boards Association this morning posted its tally on wins and losses on Tuesday school votes. Overall, it was a really good day for those who backed school votes in the state.

MSBA shows 90 districts passing an operating levy question and 24 districts failing to pass a question. That is a 79 percent passage rate for operating levies.

Out of 114 districts seeking an operating levy, 58 were asking for levy renewals. 57 out of 58 of those districts passed their renewal question.

MSBA also shows 9 of 12 capital lease levies being approved, and four out of nine building bonds being approved.

Back during the summer, polling for the Association of Metropolitan School districts didn't seem to bode well for this kind of school support. At that point, surveys found 61 percent of Minnesotans saw revenue as a "problem" in education but only about 18 percent were OK with a local tax increase to solve it.

The ROCORI district outside of St. Cloud was the only school system that did not get approval to renew its existing levy. That levy doesn't run out for two more years but officials there were hoping to get it extended now. It lost by 48 votes.

"Neither question would have raised property taxes. Instead, because a tax is expiring, property taxes on a home valued at about $150,000 are expected to go down $43," the St. Cloud Times reported.

"I just think the ability to roll back taxes to some extent is probably the biggest issue," ROCORI Superintendent Scott Staska told the paper.

Here's the school boards association list of school measures that passed and failed last night across Minnesota.

What happened last night in your district? Post below or contact us directly.

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