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What jobs advice would you have given five years ago?

Posted at 12:59 PM on October 20, 2011 by Paul Tosto
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My MPR News colleague Molly Bloom has been reaching out to Minnesotans in our Public Insight Network on jobs and employment issues.

One of the really interesting questions Bloom asked in her query about people's employment journies: "Looking back, what advice would you give yourself five years ago?"

Below is a sampling of the advice. It's pretty fascinating, really, a reflection of all that we've been through since 2006 from collapsing housing values to recession to tepid jobs recovery.

Take a look and then tell us: What advice you would have given yourself in 2006?


- Don't wait until 2011 to visit Paris.

- Buy farm land.

- Be selfish...forget about taking care of family first. Advice I'd give myself but know I wouldn't follow.

- Find a niche that the company cant shut down or outsource.

- Move forward. It's all going to work out beautifully.

- These aren't the times to follow your dreams.

- Spend time thinking about what you REALLY WANT to do, not just what you can do.

- Get your LICSW (social worker) credentials now!

- Buy a condo, not a house.

- Get rid of your credit cards, pay them off, sell the house by summer of 2007 and go back to school and earn your bachelor's degree in the Medical, Business or Energy fields

- Keep hopes high and expectations low.

- Nothing's permanent. Plan for change.

- Learn how to slow down and ask for help.

- Realize that exterior forces can come along that could change all your plans.

- Pay more attention to business trends before committing to long term educational goals.

- Do not move out of the Twin Cities.

- Leave Minnesota.

- Focus on what is important to you, the rest will come.

- Don't be complacent.

- It's not as scary as it looks.

- Take it easy, there's plenty of time to do everything you want to do.

- Get out. Take your chances and get out; look for other work.

- As fun as it would be, don't take that job teaching classes overseas.

- You have more talent than you think. It's important to just stick your neck out and try something.

- Enjoy your life, it goes by fast.

- Pay down debts and save a huge chunk "for a rainy-day."

- Do what you've got to do to make ends meet, but keep plugging away to get what you "really" want.

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